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7 Apples That Are Ripe in the Summer ...

By Chelsie

In the fall and winter you can find apples just about everywhere, but there are only a few apples that are ripe in the summer. Even though there are only a few varieties of apples that are ripe in the summer, I can’t complain because I love apples. Depending on where you live, you may start to see apple at the farmer’s market in the middle of the summer. These apples are wonderful summer apples that you should try if you have the chance. Among the varieties of summer apples that you may find, the following are delicious apples to try.

1 Lodi Apples

Lodi ApplesLodi apples are delicious yellow apples that are ripe in the summer. They were first introduced in 1924, and they have remained a summer treat. While you can eat Lodi apples raw, they make delicious applesauce. So, if you have a craving for homemade applesauce this summer, try and get some Lodi apples to make it!

2 Summer Rambo Apples

Summer Rambo ApplesSummer Rambo apples are a very old variety of apple that dates back to 1535. They originally grew in Abbeville, France, but you can find them at some apple orchards in the United States. The colonists liked the apples enough to bring seeds over and plant orchards. Summer Rambo apples are sweet apples that are fully ripe in August. If you can find them, they are something to look forward to.


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3 Yellow Transparent Apples

Yellow Transparent ApplesYellow Transparent apples are also known as Grand Sultan apples. As their name suggests, Yellow Transparent apples are a very pale yellow. The flesh is tart and crisp, making them similar to a Granny Smith apple. You can find these apples in late June and early July.

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4 Jersey Mac Apples

Jersey Mac ApplesJersey Mac apples are similar to McIntosh apples; however, they ripen much sooner. This means you get to enjoy them sooner! Jersey Mac apples are unusual summer apples because they can be stored longer than most summer apples, four to eight weeks. So, if you want to get a bunch of apples, you can feel comfortable storing them for a while. Although, you may find that you like them so much that they don’t last too long!

5 Gravenstein Apples

Gravenstein ApplesUnlike Jersey Mac apples, Gravenstein apples don’t store very well and they don’t do well in warm climates. As a result you will probably only find them in colder climates. These apples are considered a dessert apple because they are so sweet! If you can find Gravenstein apples, you will definitely want to try them.

6 Vista Bella Apples

Vista Bella ApplesVista Bella apples are another type of dessert apple. Interestingly, the Vista Bella apples were developed at Rutgers University in the 1950s. Their sweet, fruity flavor makes them a popular summer apple, and since they ripen in mid-July they are the perfect summer apple.

7 Paula Red Apples

Paula Red ApplesPaula Red apples are mild apples that have a nice flavor. They ripen fairly early in the summer, and they are often found in California. Paula red apples are a crisp apple, but they become mushy when they are cooked. This makes them another great applesauce apple!

Although apples are considered a fall fruit, there are a few apples that ripen in the summer. These apples are just as good as fall apples, and they will be much tastier than the old apples found in the grocery store. If you are an apple lover, you will certainly want to try some of these summer apples. What are your favorite apples to eat in the summer?


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