The Best Fall Fruits for Calorie Control ...

You know that you have to control your calorie intake or you run the risk of gaining weight. There’s conflicted information about whether or not you should be eating fruit. I studied nutrition in grad school and my professional insight is that you shouldn’t be skimping on fruit. It’s loaded with nutrients you need to stay healthy. And many choices are low in calories so you can keep your intake under control. It’s fall, so these are the fruits you should be tossing in your shopping cart right now.

1. Quince is Something Tasty and New to Try

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Never heard of quince? This fall you have to give it a try! It has a flavor that’s a mix between a pear and an apple. You can’t eat them raw, but they are perfect for using in pies, cobblers or quick bread recipes. One quince contains only 52 calories so using them in cooking won’t set you back that many calories.

2. You Can’t Go Wrong with Any Variety of Pear

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Pears are at their peak in the fall and you can see that just by going to any supermarket. When autumn rolls around, the number of pears on store shelves gets bigger. My favorite way to eat a pear is raw with my lunch and with only about 85 calories in a small pear, you can enjoy without any guilt. If you prefer, pears can also be cooked and added to pancakes, waffles or quick breads.

3. Apples Are a Win in the Fall

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Apples are perhaps the most iconic fall fruit. They are all over the place and you should make a point of trying every single variety you can find. Apples are loaded with antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients you need to stay healthy. At the same time, eating an apple only sets you back about 80 calories. Enjoy one with your lunch or breakfast anytime the mood strikes.

4. Figs Are Something New and Fantastic to Try

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Ripe figs taste great on crusty bread with goat cheese and a drizzle of honey. They are generally in season in the early fall, though many fig farmers do a small harvest in the summer too. Once small fig contains only 30 calories, so you can feel pretty good about eating a couple of them for a delicious snack.

5. Cranberries Are the Perfect Fall Fruit

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Most people don’t eat cranberries raw because they are very tart and tangy. You can eat them that way if you like, but they are much better cooked into muffins or made into a healthy compote or syrup for your whole grain pancakes. A cup of cranberries contain only about 50 calories so they make a great low-calorie choice for your fall menu plans.

6. Grapes Are Delicious All through the Fall Season

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You can certainly get grapes all year round, but they are super inexpensive in the fall and they generally taste way better when they are in season as well. Grapes are a great snack and they are perfect for rounding out your breakfast or lunch. A serving of grapes weighs in at under 100 calories so you can enjoy them without worry about weight gain. Yay!

7. Pineapples Are a Tropical Treat You Are Going to Love

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You might be surprised to find that pineapples are in season in the fall because they seem like such a summery fruit. You can find pineapples in the summer, but like grapes, they tend to taste sweeter in the fall when they reach the peak of their season. Raw pineapple is the perfect addition to fruit salad, and with only about 80 calories per cup, you can feel great about eating them all through the fall.

What’s your favorite fall fruit? Are you excited to see that you can enjoy fruit and still prevent weight gain?

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