Best πŸ™Œ Meal Kit 🍽 Delivery Services πŸ“¦ for Easy πŸ‘Œ Dinners ...

What are the best meal kit delivery services? What is a meal-kit delivery service? It is a subscription service that sends you pre-portioned food ingredients along with recipes and you use them to prepare a home-cooked meal. These types of kits include meals such as paleo and keto as well as vegetarian and ethnic. Meal kit service is very convenient, especially in urban areas where grocery shopping can be a chore. Here are details about some options: the best meal kit delivery services.

1. Hello Fresh

This company offers three plans: family-friendly, classic, and vegetarian. They all come with complete nutritional information. Meat eaters can select from five recipe options, vegetarians get whatever the company sends them. The cost/minimum order is $69/week. It's definitely one of the best meal kit delivery services out there.

2. Blue Apron

With Blue Apron service you receive a weekly box of everything you need to make at least three meals for two people. They customize the ingredients to meet your dietary needs. The cost/minimum order is $60/week.

3. Plated

You can choose from 20 recipes a week with a Plated subscription. Some of the items are exotic and you receive enough food to cook each recipe for two, three, or four people. And there are 2 dessert options!

4. Dinnerly

Dinnerly launched in 2017. The company boasts greater simplicity as well as fewer ingredients and steps. You can choose from six weekly recipes and the cost is about $5 per serving. However, you must order at least 2 portions per recipe and at least 3 recipes per week. And there is an $8.99 shipping charge.

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