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7 Christmas Themed Cocktails to Deck Your Halls ...

By Katlyn

Are you looking for some Christmas themed cocktails? Are you a girl who loves her alcohol and celebrating the Christmas season? Well, it’s actually the perfect time to put them together and celebrate the season with some delicious holiday cocktails! Here are seven Christmas themed cocktails that will make all of your celebrations better.

1 Christmas Day Punch

fruit, food, punch, superfood, vegetable,Source:

2 White Chocolate Snowflake Martini

drink, martini, cocktail, champagne stemware, classic cocktail,Source:

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3 Cranberry Mule

dessert, food, panna cotta, superfood, frozen dessert,Source:

4 Christmas Old Fashioned

drink, liqueur, cocktail, alcoholic beverage, punch,Source:

5 White Christmas Mojito

dessert, food, whipped cream, frozen dessert, panna cotta,Source:

6 Eggnog Mudslide

eggnog, drink, dish, dairy product, flavor,Source:

7 Peppermint Mocha White Russian

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