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14 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes That Are Delicious and Healthy ...

By Katlyn

I've got some super awesome low calorie cocktails that you are going to love. Are you a girl who is watching her calories and trying to lose weight? I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old saying that you shouldn’t drink your calories, but come on girls, I know I love my cocktails and that is much easier said than done. However, it doesn’t have to be! Here are 14 recipes for low calorie cocktails so you can enjoy yourself and not ruin your progress!

1 The Skinny Pina Colada

drink, juice, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail, lemonade, Source:

2 The Skinny Raspberry Moscow Mule

drink, tableware, non alcoholic beverage, cup, cocktail garnish, Source:

3 The Skinny Tequila Squeeze

drink, cocktail, non alcoholic beverage, juice, lime juice, Source:

4 The Weight Watcher’s Watermelon Margarita

drink, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail, juice, cocktail garnish, Source:

5 The Skinny Beach Bum

drink, cocktail, non alcoholic beverage, mai tai, cocktail garnish, Source:

6 The Skinny Grapefruit Margarita

drink, juice, non alcoholic beverage, limeade, cocktail, Source:

7 The Skinny Strawberry Lime Spritzer

strawberry, strawberries, drink, non alcoholic beverage, garnish, Source:

8 The Lightened up Pink Starburst Cocktail

drink, lemonade, sweetness, dairy product, punch, Source:

9 The Skinniest Skinny Margarita

drink, lime, the rickey, limeade, lemon lime, Source:

10 The Skinny Blueberry Vodka Mojito

drink, mojito, non alcoholic beverage, health shake, lemonade, Source:

11 The Skinny Blackberry Cucumber Mint Cocktail

food, dessert, dish, fruit, drink, Source:

12 The Skinny Espresso Martini

drink, cocktail, martini, alcoholic beverage, classic cocktail, Source:

13 The Skinny Coconut Mojito

drink, lime, limeade, mojito, caipirinha, Source:

14 The Skinny Champagne Margarita

lime, drink, caipirinha, the rickey, limeade, Source:

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