7 Completely Delicious Restaurants That Serve Gluten-Free Food ...


Finding restaurants that serve gluten-free food isn’t always easy. That doesn’t mean you can never go out to eat. I have a child that needs a gluten-free diet and we’ve found many meals he can enjoy at a restaurant without worrying that he’ll eat something that’ll make him sick. So, I’m going to share the restaurants that serve gluten-free food that are his favorites, so you can find a delicious meal next time you dine out.

1. Chili’s


There’s a Chili’s in most big cities, sometimes more than one. That means you’re in luck because this is one of the most popular and easy to find of the restaurants that serve gluten-free food. You can enjoy chips and salsa, any of the burgers without a bun, grilled salmon or Jack cheese chicken. Many of the side dishes, including the mashed potatoes and the black beans, are also safe. You definitely won’t go hungry here!

Red Robin
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