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Must have tools for every kitchen run the gamut regardless of the type of cook you are. Whether you are an everyday cook or an only on special occasion cook, using this list of must have tools for every kitchen will help you to get the job done better and in style!

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Don’t Be Afraid of This Spider

Don’t Be Afraid of This Spider When you think of a spider as one of the must have tools for every kitchen, it may make you lose your appetite and run screaming from the kitchen. But fear not. This spider is one of the favorite must have tools for every kitchen, and is sure to make your culinary life easier! Imagine a rounded spatula with holes in it, and you are now acquainted with a spider. Use this for scooping gnocchi out of boiling water, placing wontons in hot oil, and a million other uses to keep your digits from getting burned.


Make It Zesty

Make It Zesty When you just can’t figure out what a dish needs to make it pop, consider an essence of lemon, lime or orange. The best way to get that zing into the dish is to use a zester. It’s basically a mini grater that allows you to easily get that lovely scent of the fruit into your dish without the pithy white undercoat.


Mini-Chop to save Space

Mini-Chop to save Space Most of what we need our food processors or blenders for on a daily basis we could do in a mini-chopper. Think fruit smoothies, bread crumbs, crushed ice, onions and garlic. Not only will it save on counter space, it will make clean-up that much easier too.


Grease is the Word

Grease is the Word When you are frying or sautéing chicken breasts, steaks, new potatoes or something else cooked in oil, the story lives on long after the meal is done, on your cabinets, range hood and stove top. Little scoundrels of grease fly about and land on any surface within a 3 block vicinity, or at least it seems that way. One way to keep the rascally oil in the pan is to cover the skillet with a splatter screen. This is especially helpful if you prefer not to cook with a lid, for fear of steaming food when that wasn't your intent. They can be found at most kitchen stores or departments, and are affordably priced.


Enamel-coated Dutch Oven

Enamel-coated Dutch Oven If you are looking for a dependable, reliable way to make stews, soups, roasts and other delectable addictions, consider an enamel-coated steel or iron Dutch oven. While Le Creuset is certainly one of the most well-known names in this field, many others are getting on board, and at reasonable prices. This is one of those pieces you may well have for the rest of your cooking life, which should be considered when your look at the price tag! The enamel coating is great for acidic dishes, and is tremendously easy to clean. For dishes that require stove top searing and then baking, these are perfect because, unless they have a handle that can melt, these can be placed in the oven up to 500 degrees. The evenness of the heating is a huge plus, not the mention they’re pretty enough to serve out, saving you some time and effort!


Do the Twist

Do the Twist Regardless of our inner bodybuilder, there are just some jars that require super-human strength. Or perhaps a jar opener… There are many different versions of these, from battery-operated ones to pieces of textured thin rubber which you put over the top of the jar and turn. One of the best ones you can try has a handle and v-shaped head. Slide the jar’s lid under the lip of the triangle, and turn the handle at the top of the head. It will fit any size, from a water bottle to a wide spaghetti sauce lid, and do the heavy opening work for you.


MR. Clean

MR. Clean Whether it’s a baked-on goo fest on your stove top or an ink stain on your counter, an erasing pad is a must-have for any messy kitchen that aspires to be neat and tidy. How it works is irrelevant frankly. You will simply stare in awe as you put amazingly little elbow grease into getting this little white pad to forgive some culinary oops marks.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum to becoming Julia Child, these handy kitchen must haves can keep your feet on the path. What are some of your favorite kitchen tools?

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LeCruset casserole dishes are sooo good, when i move out i would love some of their cookwear! Might be pricey but they're sooo good!

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