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A lunch of sushi is one of my absolute favorites! It turns out that not all of the choices are good ones though. If you are watching your calorie intake, it pays to know which rolls and other sushi options align with your goals. Keeping calorie intake in check is an ideal way to control your weight, which is good for your overall health. Too many calories and you could gain weight. You don't have to give up sushi, but you should choose from the following options to keep from overdoing it.

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Veggie Rolls

Veggie Rolls Veggie rolls are one of my favorite types of sushi, which is great because they are one of your lowest calorie choices. You still get plenty of fiber from the rice and veggies so you’ll satisfy your appetite, but you'll do it for minimal calories. Your average veggie roll clocks in with under 200 calories, which means you can enjoy at least two and still stay within your calorie goals.


California Roll

California Roll California rolls are pretty popular and you can find them at virtually any sushi restaurant. With about 250 calories per roll, you can eat a couple for lunch or dinner and keep your calorie intake under control. California rolls are a delicious mixture of crab meat and veggies, so you'll get plenty of nutrition and flavor.


Cucumber Roll

Cucumber Roll This one is sort of like the veggie roll, but has only cucumbers inside. At only about 130 calories per roll, you get a filling and refreshing meal that is both healthy and delicious. Cucumbers are a great way to fulfill your water intake quota and they also have some fiber. Combined with the rice and seaweed, you have a nutritious sushi roll that you’ll love eating.


Tuna Roll

Tuna Roll You might be surprised to learn that tuna rolls are actually a pretty good choice. One roll has only about 175 calories, but is loaded with flavor and nutrition. Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and brain health. Some experts caution about the mercury content in tuna, so be sure you aren't eating a ton of it every day. Rolls with mackerel are a great alternative now and then.


Rainbow Rolls

Rainbow Rolls At about 330 calories per roll, you'll want to stick with only one of these. However, the nutrition experts at Shape magazine call them a healthy choice because of the benefits you get from the salmon, which includes protein, iron and omega-3s. The veggies contribute fiber and potassium. Pair one of these with a salad or a small bowl of soup and you’ll be full and happy when your meal is over.



Sashimi Unlike many sushi choices, sashimi is not rolled. It’s basically raw salmon that is often served with a soy sauce based condiment and a veggie garnish. If you have never had sashimi, you are totally missing out because it is fabulous! And at only about 30 calories per piece, you can enjoy a hearty plate of it without wrecking your goals. Make sure you account for any garnish or sauce you eat though, so that you don’t underestimate how many calories you’re getting.


Shrimp Rolls

Shrimp Rolls Shrimp is a great choice as long as you choose rolls made with grilled shrimp rather than tempura. The latter is deep fried and full of calories. The former, on the other hand, weighs in at under 200 calories per roll. A bit of wasabi and you’ll be so happy you won’t even miss the crunchy breading.

What’s your favorite type of sushi? It doesn’t make the cut, but New York rolls are my absolute top choice. Which of these healthy rolls would you like to eat for lunch today?


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Glad to know which ones are lower in fat!

Love sushi, thank you Japan !!!

Sushi is my favorite food!

Woah, I had no idea sushi had so many time I will definitely be more cautious about how much of it I eat

MMM I'm actually eating sushi right now!😍

Sushi is great

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