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33 Yummy Examples of Sashimi That Will Give You a Craving ...

By Eliza

Sashimi is described as very fresh raw meat or fish that is very thinly sliced. And let me tell you, it is fabulous! I know that you've probably heard that raw meat isn't safe to eat, but if you get it in the right place it's often fine to consume. Check with the restaurant to learn more about where they source their sashimi. In the meantime, peruse these yummy sashimi types and you'll be ready for some in no time.

1 Ahi Poke

Ahi PokeVia Hawaiian Ahi Poke Recipe - ...
These are the perfect appetizer to start a meal with. Made with tuna, they have a flavor that can't be beat.

2 Salmon Nigiri

Salmon NigiriVia Salmon Nigiri
In this case, the sashimi is laid over the top of sushi rolls. Yum!


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3 Lots of Types

Lots of TypesVia Sushi!
As you can see from this picture, there are lots of types of sashimi, so you're sure to find one you love.

4 It's All about the Presentation

It's All about the PresentationVia Bite the Wax Tadpole | ...
If you order sashimi in a restaurant, be ready for a great presentation.

5 Served with Sushi

Served with SushiVia Alamo Plaza Shopping Center
Often, sashimi is served with sushi. Sounds good to me!

6 Salmon Sashimi with Avocado

Salmon Sashimi with AvocadoVia Salmon, Avocado & Rocket Salad ...
I wish I was eating this for lunch today. What about you?

7 Salmon Sashimi Rice Bowl

Salmon Sashimi Rice BowlVia Salmon Sashimi Rice Bowl - ...
The little bits of all the ingredients turn this into the perfect meal.

8 Seared Tuna with Mango

Seared Tuna with MangoVia Seared tuna with mango
Sometimes sashimi is seared, so it's cooked a bit on the outside, but still raw on the inside.

9 Make It Yourself

Make It YourselfVia The Galley Gourmet: Home Cured ...
You can modify sashimi so it's safe to eat at home and you can even learn to make it yourself.

10 Cucumber Sashimi

Cucumber SashimiVia Cucumber cups with spicy tuna
My favorite kind of sashimi contains some type of vegetable.

11 Tuna Tataki

Tuna TatakiVia Tuna Tataki Recipe : Food ...
How many of these do you think you could eat?

12 Yellowtail Sashimi

Yellowtail SashimiVia DSC_1765
Yellowtail tuna sashimi is one of the most popular. It's flavor pairs really well with lots of other ingredients.

13 With Some Sauce

With Some SauceVia Sushi Market on Twitter
A bit of sauce is the perfect thing to serve sashimi with.

14 With a Ginger and Sesame Crust

With a Ginger and Sesame CrustVia Seared sashimi grade tuna with ...
I love tuna sashimi with a light crust of sesame seeds on the outside. Yum!

15 Pile It High

Pile It HighVia
Don't skimp on ingredients. This is another perfect example of sushi topped with salmon sashimi.

16 Salmon, Caviar and Avocado Sushi Cake

Salmon, Caviar and Avocado Sushi CakeVia
The combination of sashimi with avocado is one of my absolute favorites.

17 Spring Tuna Tartare and Scallop Crudo with Pink Peppercorn “Salad”

Spring Tuna Tartare and Scallop Crudo with Pink Peppercorn “Salad”Via Scallop crudo with pink peppercorn ...
If you see this on a restaurant menu, do not pass it up!

18 Slice of Tuna with Several Condiments

Slice of Tuna with Several CondimentsVia Nipponterest
This meal will make lunchtime something to look forward to.

19 Rainbow Sushi

Rainbow SushiVia RAINBOWS!!!
Check out this colorful meal! Don't you want it for lunch today?

20 Salmon and Avocado

Salmon and AvocadoVia
Here's another tasty looking salmon sashimi with avocado combo. The arugula is a great addition.

21 Ahi Tuna Marinated

Ahi Tuna MarinatedVia Seared Ahi Tuna Recipe | ...
Marinating your sashimi before serving gives it tons of extra flavor.

22 Add a Lemon

Add a LemonVia Watami Singapore, Ion Orchard Restaurant
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice is the perfect thing to serve salmon sashimi with.

23 Try Many Kinds

Try Many KindsVia Eat A Duck I Must! ...
The sashimi meal is one that allows you to try several different varieties.

24 Ginger and Caviar

Ginger and CaviarVia Nipponterest
Pickled ginger and caviar are two common garnishes for salmon sashimi.

25 Smothered

SmotheredVia Tuna Tataki | Tuna recipe ...
Don't be afraid to use a lot of sauce on your sashimi if you like it that way.

26 Deluxe Sashimi Boat

Deluxe Sashimi BoatVia
There's something for everyone on this platter. What looks like your first choice?

27 Spiralized Sushi Bowl with Salmon Sashimi and Ginger Miso Dressing

Spiralized Sushi Bowl with Salmon Sashimi and Ginger Miso DressingVia Spiralized Sushi Bowl with Salmon ...
Many people prefer sashimi without rice, but go ahead and have some if you like it that way.

28 Look at All the Options

Look at All the OptionsVia 割烹料亭千賀監修 迎春おせち料理「彩華千」三段重【申込番号:179-0766-00】 | ルメール通販
With all these choices, some of them sashimi, you aren't going to go hungry.

29 Deconstructed Sushi Roll

Deconstructed Sushi RollVia Wild Greens and Sardines : ...
Here's another great example of how you can incorporate sashimi into a bowl of deliciousness.

30 Octopus Sashimi

I've never tried this, but if you're brave and give it a try, let me know how it is.

31 A Little Bit of Salt

A Little Bit of SaltVia 「寿司屋」の検索結果 - Yahoo!検索(画像)
I can just taste how wonderful this would be with a bit of salt on top.

32 In the Sauce

In the SauceVia Le Parfait - Sashimi
You can always serve your sashimi in a sauce rather than pouring it on top.

33 Layered up

Layered upVia fix by speedM - Sporadic
Here's a good close up of how you can layer sashimi with thinly cut ingredients like avocado and cucumber.

Do you eat sashimi? It's definitely one of my splurge foods. Do you see a photo here that makes your mouth water?

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