7 Delicious Toppings for Greek Yogurt You Must Try ...


It’s full of protein and calcium, but it can also be bland, so toppings for Greek yogurt are a must. Not only can you ramp up the nutrient content of the yogurt, but you can also make it taste great. In my home, we call this a yogurt sundae, and it makes a great breakfast or snack after sports practice or a day at the park. Try these toppings for Greek yogurt and you’ll have a delicious new treat at mealtime.

1. Granola


Granola comes in so many flavors and contains a variety of different ingredients so you can mix and match your favorites. I like granola as one the best toppings for Greek yogurt because it gives it a bit of crunch. This is ideal if yogurt’s consistency is hard to manage, as it is for me. Sprinkle a ΒΌ-cup of granola on a scoop of Greek yogurt for a quick and easy morning meal.

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