7 Fun Foods to Make for Your Boyfriend ...


7 Fun Foods to Make for Your Boyfriend ...
7 Fun Foods to Make for Your Boyfriend ...

If you haven’t already compiled a list of some go-to foods to make for your boyfriend, I’m here to give you my 7 favorites and tell you why these should be staples in your kitchen at all times. Also, in case you didn’t know- guys love food and love it when a girl makes it for them. In fact, I started cooking at age 18 for a boyfriend I had, and to my surprise, I was actually good at it! I guess I have him to thank for getting me to start cooking, though not much else! I just got curious one day when trying to make us lunch, and kind of picked up cooking right then and there. I started with little snacks, then migrated to actual dinners, and eventually, I even made him a homemade birthday cake. It not only got me in the kitchen, learning to make my own food, but also made him pretty happy- at least with the food! These fun foods to make for your boyfriend are easy, and I promise you if I could have done it, you can too. You might find yourself pretty good at it too!

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Starting with the most basic of all foods to make for your boyfriend, make him cookies. Guys love cookies, and let’s be honest, so do we! Buy a mix at the store, or go really brave and make your own. If he likes peanut butter, you can even make a 3 ingredient cookie with nothing more than a cup of sugar, an egg and a cup of peanut butter. Mix it up, divvy it out into cookie sized balls, bake at 350 for 15 minutes and you have cookies! Or, those store bought mixes are actually pretty good to start with. They might not be healthy, but I promise, your guy probably won’t care!



Men love spaghetti, ladies! It reminds them of childhood, it smells like pizza, and let’s be honest- we love it too! Spaghetti is an easy thing to make that requires hardly any skills at all. Any girl out there can boil some noodles, heat up some sauce and if you’re a meat eater, stir in some cooked meat, or brown some meat on the stove. Or, if you’re like me and don’t eat meat, feel free to sub in mushrooms for meat and make your guy a plate of his own. Toast up some bread if he likes bread and serve him a meal. He won’t believe you made him dinner and he’ll think you’re incredibly talented with this one food.



Make your man a batch of muffins- men love 'em! Muffins are also easy to make and there are many simple recipes out there to choose from, or you can buy a mix at the store. Muffins are fun little treats that are great to grab and go. They also make an easy breakfast, or a fun snack. Experiment with flavors and have fun with it. Put them in a pretty little basket or package them up nicely and give them to your guy. He’ll just love you for it!


Muffins are a great way to show your boyfriend that you care. Not only are they delicious, but they are easy to make and can be customized to fit any flavor preference. You can make them from scratch using a variety of recipes or buy a mix and jazz it up with some extra ingredients. Muffins are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, a snack, or even a dessert. You can also package them up in a cute basket or bag to make a special gift for your boyfriend. Whether you choose to make them for a special occasion or just because, your boyfriend will be sure to appreciate the gesture.



I love smoothies and really don’t know many people who don’t, including guys. Make your guy a smoothie with some basic popular ingredients like cocoa powder, a banana, peanut or almond butter, some milk of choice, yogurt and some ice. If he’s really healthy, add some spinach in there for a green smoothie and throw in some berries too. Smoothies are fun to make together, or just something fun to serve him anytime he wants a treat.



Don’t be intimidated by making pancakes- they couldn’t be easier! I love all the protein pancake recipes all over the web and those are actually just as good as the pancakes most of us ate when we were kids. Find a great pancake recipe you love and make breakfast for your guy. Pancakes also make a fun dessert or a snack. You can even have pancakes with some eggs as a dinner alternative.

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Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making your man a sandwich. In fact, guys love sandwiches! Make his a double stacked sandwich and he’ll think you really went out of your way. BLTs, PB&Js, a simple ham and cheese, turkey with bacon, lettuce and tomato, or even something creative like peanut butter and banana, etc., are great options. One of my go-to recipes was two pieces of bread with toasted cheese, ham, tomato, turkey, lettuce and mayo. My guy thought I was such a great cook, yet it took minutes! Obviously, since I don’t eat meat now, that sandwich no longer makes its way into my kitchen, but you get my drift. Use any ingredients you like, or that you think your guy might like. Toasted bread always makes things better, and fun creations like almond butter, strawberries and Greek yogurt are even really tasty too!



Lastly, for a sweet treat, bake your guy a batch of cupcakes! These make great little food gifts for Valentine’s Day, or just for a special surprise. You can buy a mix at the store, some icing, and some sprinkles to start with. As you get more experienced with baking, you can look up recipes and make your own. Find out what flavors of foods your guy really likes and go from there. It’s just as fun for you to experiment as it is for him to test them all out!

Food is a simple gift most men love, without much else. Oh, and by the way, if you’re single, these are all fun food recipes to make for any other men in your life, such as brothers, fathers, friends, etc. Do you like to make things for your boyfriend?

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Y'all are stupid be nice to your boyfriend if u had ond

I'd make these for me before I even thought about my boyfriend.

Hmmm. True

My bf would eat anything that I'll make

I would recommend asking him if he eats the food before you prepare it.

Stuff the boyfriend - I'm making these for me!

My ex and I loved making pancakes and cookies together, we'd experiment with favors... Try butterscotch chips with pancakes.. Heaven! So yummy. You know a guy really likes you if he enjoys either cooking for you or with you.. Before he hated cooking. Remember to let the guy sometimes take care of you too :) they like that even if they can't cook lol

I agree with midnight rose. The boys don't need it, it would be for me

Need a boyfriend first lol , which is probs never gonna happen

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