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I'm here to help you with ways to eat more vegetables, especially if you have been growing them this year and have a bounty to look forward to. There's still some time before your garden is really producing, but I bet you're getting some stuff right now. If you're hungry, these delicious ideas for using your garden bounty are sure to please. Each idea is a tasty way to enjoy the best garden foods for any meal. The best part about each of these mouthwatering ideas is that they are pretty healthy choices. So if you've been wondering what to do with your garden harvest, try any of these healthy vegetable ideas. You won't be sorry!

1. Make Salsa

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If your garden is anything like mine, you have peppers and tomatoes in large quantities right about now. Make good use of them by whipping up a batch of salsa. Dice those warm summer tomatoes and toss them with chopped jalapenos and onions. Season with salt and pepper and pair with corn chips for a delicious treat.

Try this recipe:

Have Bruschetta
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