7 Easy, Healthy Dinners to Eat when You're Sick ...


When the cold, flu, and tons of tummy viruses start to pop up this time of year, eating can be a challenge, which makes certain dinner ideas for when you’re sick such little lifesavers. I have a mental “go to” list of foods I like to eat when I just don’t feel like doing anything but laying on the couch or in the bed nursing myself back to normal. You can’t just eat junk out of the cabinet when you’re sick either. That usually makes things worse. Been there, done that, and take my word for it that no matter how simple that box of cereal or tub of ice cream looks, trust me, you won’t feel any better if that’s all you eat. Instead of eating junk, eat some of my other favorite easy, yet much more healthy, dinner ideas for when you’re sick. In the meantime, rest, drink a lot of herbal tea, and be patient with your body.

1. Veggie Broth Soup

Veggie Broth Soup

My ultimate favorite choice of all dinner ideas for when you’re sick is a delicious veggie broth soup. It’s comprised of easy to digest root veggies and veggie broth. I like to buy unsalted broth varieties to keep in my pantry at all times, so that when a virus or cold hits, I have it on hand. Sure, I like homemade better, and it’s healthier, but who wants to cook homemade broth when you’re sick? I like Kitchen Essentials brand Unsalted Vegetable Broth. It’s gluten-free, vegan, has no MSG, no soy, dairy or anything else you would find in conventional soups. It’s also so healing and nourishing. For the veggies, I like to keep roasted veggies in my fridge most of the time anyway. I usually roast big batches of sweet potatoes, onions, squash, beets and carrots for the week, and they develop a delicious caramelized taste as they cool. Then you can just toss them right into the broth, heat, and add a can of fire roasted tomatoes, and you’re good to go! I also have a few favorite soups I like to keep stocked in the freezer known as Frugal Fall Harvest Soup, and Magical Healing Soup.

An Omelette
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