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Easy to Make after School Snacks ...

By Leiann

Need some easy to make after school snacks? In this YouTube video review, featured is a young lady on a mission to have healthy snacks for after school as opposed to downing a bag of potato chips!

Although the video says "after school", this is summer and the kids are going to be home. Keep them satisfied with the 3 tips in this video! Totally yum!

As for you grown-up ladies, need some snacks yourself? Why not take a tip from these videos? Have for in-between meals or even serve for parties!

See you after the video for easy to make after school snacks.

Published on Jan 17, 2017

She is one bright lady, huh?

One bonus to all of these is that they are all inexpensive to make. You can buy all of the ingredients at Dollar Tree.

What is your favorite or do you like all 3?

1 Snack Mix

Popcorn, nuts, pretzels, cereal such as Chex and chocolates such as M&M's.
Mix in a bowl and voila!

2 Mini Pizza

Place little circles of tortilla wrap in muffin tins, top with marinara, cheese and your choice of toppings such as mushrooms. Bake for a while in the oven. Cool. Take the mini pizzas out of the muffin tin and voila!

3 Apple Cookies

Cut up apples, smother with peanut butter then top with granola, chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit or whatever you like.

Simple, huh?

Feed the kids these snacks this summer (or even yourself) and have them asking for more in their lunch buckets come this school time!

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