7 Fantastic Flavored Water Recipes You Can Try ...


I love flavored water recipes that allow me to add a slight natural sweetness and taste. I don’t know about you, but I have an extremely hard time trying to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water every day. I’ve never been the biggest fan of plain water, so I started flavoring my water using fruit, and occasionally, herbs. These yummy flavored water recipes are some of my favorites and I wanted to pass them along to you so you can boost your water intake in a healthy and tasty way! It’s best to make these waters in a large mason jar because they have a lid and refrigerate nicely.

1. Pineapple Coconut

Pineapple Coconut

This is one of my favorite flavored water recipes because it gives you the slight flavor of a pina colada! The tropical scent that wafts off of this makes me long to be on the beach. It definitely doesn’t have as much flavor as a real pina colada, but when you’re cutting the calories and fat out of your diet and trying to drink the right amount of water, this is a pretty decent replacement. Place a few slices of pineapple in the bottom of your jar and use a muddler or other tool to smash it. Add a few tablespoons of coconut milk, then fill the rest of the jar with water. Screw on the lid and shake the jar to distribute the flavors. Allow them to sit in the fridge for a few hours, then strain the fruit out if you’d like or you can leave it in, like I do.

Strawberry Kiwi
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