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French foods seemed a little mysterious to me growing up. As a kid I knew that France was the home of amazing pastries. In my teen years, I was mystified by the idea that French women were apparently always thin. I couldn't quite figure out how that was the case, when French foods are SO decadent. As far as I can tell, it is because they only ever eat when the dish is amazing, rather than just plumping for any old dish like most of us do. Narrowing down these foods was challenging, but I feel strongly that everyone should try them.

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Macarons Now whether or not I should class macarons as French foods is questionable. Some historians believe they came to France via Italian monks in the 15th century. So are they Italian, are they French? Who knows? Either way, they don't taste good anywhere but France.


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup It's easy to make, it tastes amazing, and it is low in calories. What else do you need from a dish? Stereotypes of the French tend to tie them in with onions and baguettes. I can assure you they don't all skip around with onions tied around their necks. However, this dish does sort of tie in with that stereotype nicely. I can live with that.


Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee I absolutely adore creme brulees. I once watched a bit of a contentious debate between two chefs. One argued that this desert comes from Cambridge, and is actually called 'Cambridge Burned Cream.' I'm going to stick with Creme Brulee, as that is how I have always known it. I just mastered making these with Baileys Irish Cream over Xmas. If I ate them all the time, I would be like a barrel.


Dauphinoise Potatoes

Dauphinoise Potatoes Dauphinoise potatoes are my favorite type of potatoes. I love them even more than roast potatoes, which is quite a big statement from someone who grew up in the north of England. They involve a lot of cream and garlic, plus a lot of exacting cooking skills. I am yet to learn how to make them properly. This means I LOVE anybody who can.


Salmon En Croute

Salmon En Croute I fear I will never, ever be able to make a salmon en croute. It just seems impossible. Okay, so a lot of that is probably down to my complete lack of patience when it comes to cooking. This is a pastry wrapped fish parcel. You can use other types of fish, but salmon really does work the best!



Cassoulet Cassoulet is basically a slow cooking casserole. You can throw pretty much any meat in it, and it will work brilliantly. I tend to go meat free, but it still tastes great. Unlike a lot of French dishes, this one comes with minimal effort. It tastes amazing when the weather is cold outside too!



Bisque Any type of bisque tastes amazing, but I have to go with lobster as my favorite! I will most likely never know how to make it, but it is amazing when you find it in a restaurant. Bisques are typically made using any type of crustacean. That means you don't have to grimace as you see the price of yours in a restaurant. It is completely possible to make one using roasted vegetables and cream substitutes too, which is great news for vegans!

The French have been producing amazing cuisine for hundreds of years. A lot of our most famous chefs here in the UK either come from French parents, or have trained in France itself! Each time I go there, I find something new to fall in love with. If you love French food, what is your favorite dish and why?

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I'm so hungry now!

Macaroons are so good! Especially the ones I get from Whole Foods grocery store...

Soo agree with you about macarons, for some reason when i ate them in France i loved them, but they're not the same anywhere else!

You left out Escargot... I know it's sounds gross, but I love it and I have had it in and out of France

Clafoutis :-)

You should do a post about French deserts such as renverser a l'ananas or sucre a la creme which are delicious

Hungry me

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