23 Genius 💡 Things to Buy 💰 on Amazon to Make Eating 🍽 More Fun 😁 ...


Eating is pretty enjoyable on its own. Who doesn't love sitting down to a delicious meal? Sometimes, though, making a meal is time consuming and disasters can happen. Instead of worrying about it, try keeping these handy products on hand and you'll never have to face a mess ever again. If anyone is going to become the star of the show among your friends and family for being a chef, it might as well be you, right? Thank you goes to bustle.com for sharing all of these fabulous ideas with us. Get ready to be a star chef in no time at all.

1. Avoid Boil over with a Lid Lifter

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Fred & Friends ESCAPE! Deep Sea Critter Lid Lifters (Set of Two), $11, Amazon

They say water won't boil when you're watching it. But, in my experience, if you're not watching it, it will boil over. Does this happen to you? Well, let me introduce you to this lid lifter set. It comes with an octopus tentacle and crab claw that change color as the water heats up. They attach to the side of your pot to keep the lid ajar, so water doesn't end up spilling over the top.

Grate Your Cheese with a Cute Hedgehog
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