The Ultimate List to Stock Your Kitchen from Amazon for Girls Moving out ...


The Ultimate List to Stock Your Kitchen from Amazon for Girls Moving out ...
The Ultimate List to Stock Your Kitchen from Amazon for Girls Moving out ...

Takeaway: What are the best kitchen items on amazon for a new home?

Congratulations on your new home. Whether you're moving out and into your first college dorm or you just bought your first house, this is the ultimate list that will help you stock your kitchen. Part of the fun of having your own place is getting to choose exactly what you want in it and these kitchen essentials come to use courtesy of Everything here will serve you well as you whip up amazing meals in your new kitchen. So, get ready to stock your kitchen as your moving out and taking on the world.

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Chef's Knife

knife, weapon, kitchen knife, propeller, tool, A good chef's knife is one of the few "must haves" for even the most basic kitchen. Great knives can run you hundreds of dollars, but iMarku's powerhouse has all the specs at a fraction of the price – just under $30.

iMarku 8-inch Chef's Knif,e $29.99, available at Amazon.


Food Storage

product, bottle, drinkware, ceramic, tableware, An incredibly easy way to upgrade your motley assortment of old take-out and yogurt containers, Rubbermaid's set of 21 containers are perfect for everything from a side of salad dressing to Sunday night's leftovers.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, $19.87, available at Amazon.



product, small appliance, mixer, food processor, Of the over 8,000 reviews of the spiralizer, nearly all — close to 80% — are five stars.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer, $29.99, available at Amazon.


Small Blender

blender, small appliance, product, bottle, lighting, The Magic Bullet is a rarity in the land of infomercials — a product that actually does what it promises. Morning smoothie drinkers especially love how easy it is to make single-serve portions in a flash.

Magic Bullet Blender, $35.42, available at Amazon.



blender, small appliance, product, kitchen appliance, lighting, Ninja blends everything from green smoothies to purees and nut milks for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

SharkNinja Ninja Professional Blender, $99.99, available at Amazon.


Shaker Bottle

mug, cup, drinkware, product, bottle, BlenderBottle might not be particularly cute, but the super-tight seal and included steel ball makes it easy to blend smoothies (and keep them blended as you sip).

Blender Bottle BlenderBottle Classic Shaker, $7.99, available at Amazon.


Mixing Bowls

cup, coffee cup, cookware and bakeware, Mix or prep everything from salads for a group to scrambled eggs for one with this set of stainless-steal mixing bowls. Unlike plastic mixing bowls, they're easy to clean and won't stain or absorb color or odors, and they nest for easy storage.

FineDine Stainless Steal Mixing Bowls, $21.95, available at Amazon.


Hand Mixer

mixer, small appliance, product, food, dish, Good enough to get the job done at a great price, Hamilton Beach's basic hand mixer also comes with genius features like a snap-on storage case and a bowl rest feature for when you need a break when whipping up cookie dough or meringue.

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer With Snap-On Case, $14.96, available at Amazon.



body jewelry, tableware, cutlery, Amazon's own line of basics includes everything from USB cables to this set of spatulas, perfect for stirring, scraping, and spreading at an incredibly affordable price.

AmazonBasics Silicone Spatula, $3.29, available at Amazon.


Baking Sheets

sink, rectangle, shape, platter, dishware, Made with heavy-duty aluminum that won't warp over time, Nordic Ware's half-sheet is the perfect size for roasting veggies or meats for dinner, as well as cookies or brownies for dessert.

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet, $10.24, available at


Baking Mat

wood, eye, pattern, design, rectangle, Another great AmazonBasics buy, the silicon mats fit in standard half-sheet pans and cut out the need for grease or cooking sprays and make clean up easier.

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat, 2-pack, $13.55, available at Amazon.


Can Opener

product, bicycle part, tap, You can buy a cheap can opener that will get the job done and break in a year or two, or you can buy a can opener that has all kinds of features you had no idea you needed, like soft-touch turning and a magnetic lift that will keep you from fishing lids out of diced tomatoes forever.

Zyliss Lock N' Lift Can Opener, $13, available at Amazon.


Pitcher Water Filters

small appliance, cup, mixer, blender, coffeemaker, Brita has plenty of styles of water filters on the market, but the original remains the most popular.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher, $36.30, available at Amazon.



small appliance, product, home appliance, kitchen appliance, Black + Decker's two-slice model includes a defrosting option and crumb tray.

Black + Decker 2-Slice Toaster, $18.48, available at Amazon.


Food Processor

blender, small appliance, kitchen appliance, product, food processor, The perfect size for everyday use, it's a great way to grate cheese, chop veggies, or make fresh pestos and salsas in a flash.

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor, $29.85, available at Amazon.


Small Food Processor

product, small appliance, kitchen appliance, food processor, Better for small jobs, like prepping small amounts of vegetables or dicing garlic or grinding peppercorns.

Black + Decker One-Touch 1.5 Cup Electric Chopper, $14.38, available at Amazon.


Coffee Maker

coffeemaker, small appliance, drip coffee maker, kitchen appliance, espresso machine, Cuisinart's programmable coffee maker allows you to wake up to the perfect amount of coffee at just the time you need it and can be set up to 24 hours in advance.

Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, $83.28, available at Amazon.


Single-Serve Coffee Maker

coffeemaker, cup, small appliance, coffee cup, drip coffee maker, The original Keurig brewer holds enough water for up to eight cups of coffee with no refilling required.

Keurig K5 Single Serve Coffee Maker, $92.33, available at Amazon.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker

mug, cup, small appliance, drinkware, lighting, With a relatively simple design, Takeya's interior infuser allows you to steep coffee for up to 36 hours and pour immediately from the pitcher, no straining or filtering required.

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, $18.99, available at Amazon.


Cutting Board

wood, hardwood, wood stain, Bamboo is incredibly strong, meaning it will stand up to years of chopping better than traditional hardwoods or plastic, which are more likely to split or knick, leaving behind places for bacteria to grow. Bamboo is also a renewable resource, making it a greener option as well.

Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Cutting Board Set, $12.99, available at Amazon.


Non-Stick Pan

cookware and bakeware, frying pan, dishware, Clean-up is the worst part of cooking (Unless you like doing dishes, in which case you should be the perfect roommate). Non-stick that keeps non-sticking for years is the perfect way to cut down on scrubbing and increase the amount of food that actually makes it to your plate, rather than cooking onto the pan.

Utopia Kitchen Induction Botom Aluminum Nonstick Frying Pan , $12.99, available at Amazon.

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