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7 Handy Foods That Last Forever ...

By Holly

These foods that last forever are great ones to keep in mind if you’re going camping, stocking a panic room or planning for an apocalypse! Provided these foods are kept correctly, then they will keep for a lifetime, if not longer. If you’re looking for the ‘use by’ date on these items, then there’s no need, because they’re foods that last forever!

1 Honey

HoneyNumber one on the list of foods that last forever is the totally delicious honey. Samples of honey have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs, dating back to 3,300 years old - and it’s still perfectly fine! Honey will crystallise over time, but the quick fix to that is simply to heat it up gently, and voila - it’s runny once again.

2 Instant Coffee

Instant CoffeeBecause most instant coffee has been freeze-dried, provided it doesn’t come into contact with any moisture (in other words, just keep it well sealed in an airtight container), then it will last for decades. If you add some moisture-absorbing packets to the instant coffee, the shelf life is extended even more.

3 Salt

SaltDue to its mineral status, salt will not go off. Minerals cannot spoil, and therefore they will last for an indefinite amount of time. Just ensure it doesn’t absorb any moisture in order for it to last as well and as long as possible, and you’re good to go!

4 White Rice

White RiceAs long as it’s stored in an airtight container in slightly chilly conditions, white rice will stay fresh up to and above 30 years! Because of its oil content, brown rice will only last for up to 12 months, but because white rice contains significantly lower levels of oil, it will last over thirty times longer. Not to mention that rice is great for you and totally delicious!

5 Canned Goods

Canned GoodsAnything canned is completely and totally airtight, and therefore lasts for decades upon decades! Baked beans, chickpeas, diced tomatoes and sardines, for example, are not only a great source of nutrients but will never spoil, so they’re perfect for situations in which you might not get fresh food for a long time. Plus they’re often cheap!

6 Dried Beans

Dried BeansEven though after a period of time, dried beans will lose their buttery texture and turn harder and the skin will become tougher, they are still perfectly fine to eat. Just ensure that the longer they’ve been kept, the longer you soak them for before cooking. Adding acidic ingredients to old beans towards the end of cooking will also help to soften the skins.

7 Ramen Noodles

Ramen NoodlesAs it’s moisture that often causes the most problem when it comes to keeping food, ramen noodles will keep for a very long time because they’ve been pre-dried. So long as no moisture is allowed in to spoil the noodles, they’re perfectly fine to cook up and eat years after they’ve been bought. Team them with the dried beans, salt and canned goods and you’ve got yourself a delicious, long-lasting meal.

No matter what purpose you use these foods for, it’s always handy to know of foods that you can rely on to keep forever. Even if you stash a few cans of food in your car in case of an unexpected breakdown emergency, you know you’ll be safe to eat them. Do you have any of these foods in storage? What do you keep them for?

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