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9 Creamy Foods That Are Healthy and Satisfying Too ...

By Heather

Most of the time we think of creamy foods as huge no-nos for a healthy diet, right? Believe it or not though, there are many creamy foods that are satisfying and healthy for you too! You don’t have to turn to mac and cheese or mashed potatoes to get your creamy foods fix. Just opt for some of these more waistline-friendly choices instead!

1 Nonfat Yogurt

Yogurt is fantastic for you, and it’s one of the best creamy foods to satisfy your sweet tooth too! Plus, since yogurt is high in protein, it tricks your body into thinking you’re full with fewer calories. For the creamiest option, stick to Greek yogurt and be sure to choose unsweetened varieties.

2 Sugar-free Frozen Yogurt

Choosing a sugar-free frozen yogurt dessert is also a great way to get your creamy foods fix. Some brands on the market now are even sweetened with stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. Just avoid the sugar-sweetened varieties since they’re not so diet-friendly, even if they’re fat free!


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3 Avocados

Don’t avoid avocados because they are high in calories ladies! They are cholesterol-free and packed with mono-unsaturated fats that reduce your appetite and your waistline. Plus avocados can help cure your sweet tooth and lower your blood pressure. Guacamole anyone?

4 Raw Almond Butter

Sure it’s calorie-dense, but raw almond butter is awesome for you! Packed with vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B6, protein, and zinc, raw almond butter is a terrific creamy food to eat. Use it however you like, but always choose raw over roasted for the most nutritious option.

5 Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is another creamy nut butter to eat more Cashew butter is very neutral in taste so you can use it in many different ways and it’s also lower in calories than other nuts. It's also a great source of vitamin B6, which reduces stress and tension and it's extremely high in iron too.

6 Hemp Seeds

Try blending some hemp seeds with a bit of mustard, apple cider vinegar and a bit of almond milk. You’ll have a delightful creamy salad dressing in just minutes. Hemp seeds are rich in essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that give foods like smoothies or dressings a nice creamy texture.

7 Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut milk ice cream might be high in fat, but it is a very satisfying, creamy food with no cholesterol and no animal products whatsoever. Choose no sugar added varieties for the best options from brands like Larry and Luna’s or So Delicious.

8 Bananas

Bananas are a fantastic creamy food for you! You can even blend them up to make a fruit-based ice cream or smoothie. Freeze them for a sweeter taste and use them in smoothies, puddings, or even in your morning oatmeal.

9 Oatmeal

Speaking of oatmeal, it’s a delightful creamy food that’s great for your cholesterol and extremely satisfying. Choose whole rolled oats or steel cut varieties instead of instant for the best option, and add a bit of almond milk to up the creamy factor even more!

These creamy foods are all easy ways to get your fix without excess cholesterol, harmful fats, or added sugars. Put down the mashed potatoes and ice cream, and try some of these delicious options instead! Do you have a favorite creamy food that’s also satisfying and healthy?

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