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Healthy Carbs Every Woman Should Have in Her Fridge All Times ...

By Teresa

I don’t know about your own diet, but personally, I try to be pretty healthy most of the time. That means that as much as I love carbs, I try to avoid them for the most part. If you’re the same way, it can be insanely difficult to figure out what carbs you should and shouldn’t be eating. Luckily, this list is here to answer all of your carb questions!

1 Popcorn

Popcorn Popcorn is an absolute essential to always keep on hand. When you’re hungry and want a salty snack like chips or pretzels, reach for popcorn instead. It will satisfy your salty craving, but it will also fill you up, and the fiber in popcorn makes it a much healthier treat than a bag of chips!

2 Oatmeal

Oatmeal Obviously the fiber in oatmeal is great for weight loss and weight management, but sometimes oatmeal can be a hard trade to make for your favorite cereal. I’ve always found oatmeal tough to eat instead of cereal too, so I like to make oatmeal and then add some dry oatmeal to the top to add a little bit of crunch and make it easier to trade for your favorite cereal!

3 Quinoa

Quinoa The fiber in quinoa is so worth it that I would personally eat it for every meal, however it can be hard to make and the texture isn’t a favorite of a lot of people. No matter which category you fall under, you can still eat quinoa. If you don’t like the texture, add it to a salad for a great crunch (seriously, you’d be surprised just how different it tastes on a salad). If you find it hard to make for yourself, try eating it when you go to a restaurant instead to avoid the stress that comes along with making it yourself!

4 Bananas

Bananas Bananas have always been a favorite fruit of a lot of people, but there weren’t many recipes that provided a lot of variety before Pinterest took over the Internet. Now, there are so many hacks and recipes that include bananas that you could possibly include bananas into every meal. They’ll give you so much energy that no matter what your day consists of, bananas are a great way to start your day!

5 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Potatoes in general are a good carb to eat, but sweet potatoes are even better for you because they contain Vitamin C among nearly all of the health benefits that regular potatoes contain. Plus, they can be made in so many different ways—from chips to fries or even just a baked sweet potato!

6 Kale

Kale I’m someone who loves chips and other salty snacks here and there, but I also love eating lots of vegetables. If you’re the same way, kale is the perfect snack for you. I love to make kale chips in the oven with some salt and grated parmesan, but if you want to eat it in its raw version, kale salad is also amazing, and it’s a great addition to smoothies that you won’t even notice!

7 Apples

Apples Who doesn’t love a good apple? Apples keep you fuller for longer, making them a fruit you definitely want to stock up when you’re looking for fruit that has carbs and keeps you healthy!

What’s your favorite carb that we should be eating? Let me know your favorite in the comments!

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