Amazing Smoothies for Girls Trying to Have More Veggies ...


Amazing Smoothies for Girls Trying to Have More Veggies ...
Amazing Smoothies for Girls Trying to Have More Veggies ...

There are still many people who don’t like vegetables despite knowing how nutritious they are and how vital they are to a healthy diet. Maybe you only like a few vegetables despite the mass of variety. I personally think you can grow to like vegetables but if you think you can’t, you still get their nutrition by sneaking them into your fruit smoothies. These are also great if you’ve got picky kids who don’t like veggies.

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Green Machine Smoothie

drink,food,produce,smoothie,milkshake, More like a drinkable salad, this smoothie contains loads of good things. There’s cottage cheese for protein, pineapple and honey for sweetness (and anti-oxidants) and the veggie powerhouses of spinach and kale.
Recipe here


Peach, Carrot and Mango Smoothie

food,fruit,produce,plant,land plant, This winning combination of orange ingredients mixed with almond milk (or milk of your choice) is full of vitamins and the carrots in there will really pack a punch of vitamin A.
Recipe here


Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

food,berry,plant,produce,fruit, You won’t taste the super-healthy spinach you pile into this smoothie thanks to all the lovely fruits.
Recipe here


Honeydew, Mint and Baby Bok Choy Smoothie

drink,plant,produce,food,smoothie, You have to enjoy the taste of mint for this one. The strong tasting herb ensures you won’t taste the bok choy. A nice refreshing green smoothie.
Recipe here


Tropical Fruity Smoothie

food,plant,drink,milkshake,fruit, Never thought of using sweetcorn in a smoothie? Well here’s your chance to try. It’s a beautiful yellow that will remind you of sunny days.
Recipe here


Shocking Pink Sunbutter Smoothie

food,plant,produce,fruit,smoothie, Raspberries and beets are a magical combination and the color is simply wowzer. This will give you a jolt on a bleary-eyed Monday morning.
Recipe here


Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

food,plant,produce,fruit,land plant, Want to eat chocolate for breakfast. Easily done with this delicious concoction. And yes there’s a heap of spinach in there too.
Recipe here


Virtuous Mary

drink,food,produce,dish,smoothie, I do love a good Bloody Mary cocktail. If you do too, try this healthy virtuous – alcohol-free – version. The celery is in it rather than just being a stalk for stirring.
Recipe here


Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

candle,drink,lighting,smoothie,food, So what’s the vegetable hiding in among the lovely fruits? Would you believe cauliflower? You really have to give this a try.
Recipe here


Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie

food,produce,plant,fruit,smoothie, Instead of dipping into that mint choc chip ice cream get you choco-minty fix with this smoothie. Unlike the ice cream, this contains sooper-dooper spinach and avocado.
Recipe here


Red Velvet Smoothie

food,drink,produce,plant,milkshake, When you see a “red” smoothie you can usually guarantee raspberries or strawberries. In this the red comes from beets and purple carrots.
Recipe here


Peachy Green Smoothie

drink,food,produce,plant,smoothie, Fed up of green smoothies being kale or spinach? How about trying one that contains broccoli instead?
Recipe here


Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

food,milkshake,drink,horchata,dessert, Drink a pie? Why not? There’s no crust but it has all the flavor of a favorite Thanksgiving pie and all those yummy good things in sweet potato.
Recipe here


Peas-ful Mango Smoothie

food,drink,produce,dish,plant, Well the name gave it away because, yes indeed, this hidden vegetable smoothie contains peas. Peas are probably the one veggie everyone will eat but they can still make a healthy smoothie.
Recipe here


Berry and Pomegranate Smoothie

food,drink,produce,plant,milkshake, Another salad in a glass. As well as the berries and pomegranate this is packed with romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery and mint.
Recipe here


Razz Green Matazz Smoothie

drink,plant,produce,smoothie,food, Berries are so sweet and flavorsome that they mask the taste of the spinach in this smoothie.
Recipe here


Sunset Smoothie

food,dessert,produce,milkshake,breakfast, Pineapple, raspberries and carrots. All great colors and all packed with nutrition and flavor.
Recipe here

Have I convinced you to try vegetables in your smoothies?

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I like the idea of carrots in smoothies now.

Thanks, they sound good

I like very clever idea!!

I love these...

Mmm :-)

Green machine smoothie looks good.

These look gooooood.

Yum X

I love vegetables but these seem a great way to eat even more.

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