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Did you know weight loss snacks can help curb your appetite to avoid overindulgence? To get your girlish figure looking fab, snacking can actually help you achieve this. Snacking every two hours will help you avoid dips in your energy level and falling off track to your healthy habits. Weight loss snacks can save your waistline and help to elevate your metabolism. But what sort of snack should you be eating and how much of this snack is the proper portion size? A snack should be 150 calories or less to satisfy your body without over consuming. As a certified trainer and nutritionist, I can help you with these weight loss snacks to a better body to help you lose weight and achieve your goals.

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Apples Apples have plenty of wholesome fiber, along with metabolic boosting pectin, so enjoy this crunchy treat because this is one of the best weight loss snacks you do not want miss eating. I never miss my apple a day because it is a powerful portable health fruit that helps you slim down, feel full and start your day the right way! Don’t believe it? Try eating an apple a day and feel the difference.



EdAmame Fiber is slow digesting and will help keep you full for hours. and edamame has plenty of it. In one cup of edamame, there are 8 grams of fiber and less than 150 calories. Now that is a super weight loss snack you must try! Sprinkle a little bit of salt on this snack for some added taste!


Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein to help rebuild your muscle tears from exercise, along with amino acids that can help elevate your metabolism. This is the perfect combination of nutrients combined with great taste, especially when you add some sliced strawberries! Have a cup of Greek yogurt to help you slim down and achieve a better body!


Veggie Sticks

Veggie Sticks Busy running here and there throughout the day and not sure what to snack on? Cut up some carrots, celery and broccoli to enjoy some veggie sticks as your slimming snack. You can enjoy this guiltless snack with hummus or low fat dip as long as you control your portion.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs Want to better your thyroid functionality so you can speed up your metabolism? Then have a hard-boiled egg. To add some extra taste, dabble with hot sauce or pepper, serve and enjoy this great weight loss snack!


Cup of Vegetable Soup

Cup of Vegetable Soup Sip on some soup to curb your appetite, while getting plenty of fiber into your diet. Soup eaters actually tend to eat less at their meal and as a result they weigh less. Just be mindful of sodium or make your own soup without adding salt to avoid water retention.



Popcorn Have a cup of popcorn for a healthy snack today. Popcorn is light and airy, low in calories and high in fiber, so go ahead and enjoy! I like to have a cup of air popped popcorn in the afternoon just a few hours after lunch and this keeps me from over indulging at night. So go ahead and make it a movie day, or at least have the movie popcorn minus the salt and butter! And enjoy!

With these weight loss snacks that will help you stay on track to your diet, are you ready to start snacking? Then makeover your food pantry and refrigerator so you have these healthy snacks on hand and ready to enjoy.

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bananas are also low in calories. x

All of these taste good.... raspberries are low in calories too

I love raspberries all the blackberries I have gotten this year are tasteless such a let down

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