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43 Infographics about Alcohol That Every Drinker Should Read ...

By Jennifer

Whether you like wine or whiskey, a Bloody Mary or Belgian ale, there's bound to be an infographic here that will make you think or make you laugh. So what's your poison?

Table of contents:

  1. One for every day of the month
  2. Wine, dry to sweet
  3. Build your best sangria
  4. Know your whiskey
  5. Sober celebs to set an example
  6. Liquid sunshine
  7. Fancy drinks portion pie chart
  8. How to choose the healthiest beer, wine & cocktails
  9. What's in your whiskey?
  10. Light to dark beer
  11. How they're made
  12. A history of beer
  13. Wine vs. beer
  14. Wine or beer, and soup!
  15. What goes best with thin mints?
  16. How much wedding booze?
  17. Candy cocktails
  18. Global drinking customs
  19. Beer 101
  20. Around the world in 80 drinks
  21. Apple cider cocktails
  22. Classic cocktails
  23. Beer cocktails
  24. Are you an alcoholic?
  25. What is port wine?
  26. Wine cheats
  27. Happy halloween!
  28. The calorie count
  29. Champagne drinks
  30. What you might not have known about whiskey
  31. Craft beer pairings
  32. A complete introduction to the wines of italy
  33. The facts of beer
  34. Cocktail carbs
  35. Get your glasses
  36. Martinis 101
  37. Because science!
  38. Wine for beginners
  39. A helpful flow chart
  40. Witbier versus hefeweizen
  41. Pick the perfect wine
  42. 8 surprisingly healthy cocktails
  43. Do you know what to do to help someone suffering from alcohol poisoning?

1 One for Every Day of the Month

2 Wine, Dry to Sweet

3 Build Your Best Sangria

4 Know Your Whiskey

5 Sober Celebs to Set an Example

6 Liquid Sunshine

7 Fancy Drinks Portion Pie Chart

8 How to Choose the Healthiest Beer, Wine & Cocktails

9 What's in Your Whiskey?

10 Light to Dark Beer

11 How They're Made

12 A History of Beer

13 Wine Vs. Beer

14 Wine or Beer, and Soup!

15 What Goes Best with Thin Mints?

16 How Much Wedding Booze?

17 Candy Cocktails

18 Global Drinking Customs

19 Beer 101

20 Around the World in 80 Drinks

21 Apple Cider Cocktails

22 Classic Cocktails

23 Beer Cocktails

24 Are You an Alcoholic?

25 What is Port Wine?

26 Wine Cheats

27 Happy Halloween!

28 The Calorie Count

29 Champagne Drinks

30 What You Might Not Have Known about Whiskey

31 Craft Beer Pairings

32 A Complete Introduction to the Wines of Italy

33 The Facts of Beer

34 Cocktail Carbs

35 Get Your Glasses

36 Martinis 101

37 Because Science!

38 Wine for Beginners

39 A Helpful Flow Chart

40 Witbier versus Hefeweizen

41 Pick the Perfect Wine

42 8 Surprisingly Healthy Cocktails

43 Do You Know What to do to Help Someone Suffering from Alcohol Poisoning?

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