These Cocktails Will Make Valentine's Day Even Sweeter ...

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to indulge a little and having a cocktail is a great way to do just that. Whether you sip with your girls or your significant other, these drinks are sure to make the day just a little bit better.

1. Pomegranate Ice Cubes

Source: Healthy Valentine's Day Food Ideas

2. Red Berry Kamikaze

Source: Red Berry Kamikaze

3. The French Kiss

Source: Fun Cocktails to Ring in

4. Love Potion Punch

Source: Love Potion Punch

5. Raspberry Rose Cocktail

Source: Raspberry Rose Cocktail - Camille

6. Cranberry Vodka Spritzer

Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red

7. Cotton Candy Surprise

8. Red Hot Valentine

Source: Food

9. Sweetheart Punch

Source: Sweetheart Punch - Made To

10. Love Martini

Source: Valentine's Special: Love Martini (Cocktail)

11. Valentine's Day Cocktail

Source: Valentine's Day cocktail rim sugar

12. The Rose Noir

Source: Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe: The

13. Raspberry Moscato Cocktail

Source: A Raspberry Moscato Cocktail for

14. Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordial Cocktail

Source: Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordial Cocktail

15. Raspberry Champagne Float

Source: 13 Champagne Cocktails Perfect For

16. Pomegranate Prosecco

Source: Laura-Wyatt Lifestyle Blog

17. Lip Bite Cocktail

Source: How To Host A Fifty

18. Creamy Heart on Top

Source: Valentine's Day Cocktail

19. Tequila Smash

Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red

20. Adult Raspberry Italian Cream Sodas


21. The Chocolate Lovers Margarita

Source: The 20 Sexiest Cocktails to

22. Top It with Some Berries

Source: The Love Potion Cocktail

23. Hugs & Kisses Martini

Source: Hugs & Kisses Martini for

24. Cupid's Broken Arrow


25. Valentine's Day Strawberries & Champagne Margarita

Source: Valentine's Day: Strawberries and Champagne

26. Bloody Valentine Cocktail

Source: Bloody Valentine

27. Charleston Pink Lady Cocktail

Source: Thirsty Thursday: 15 Valentine's Day

28. Dark and Mysterious Cherry Cheesecake Martini

Source: Cherry Cheesecake Martini - Cooking

29. Pink Lemonade Cocktail Raspberry Vodka

Source: 3 Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes

30. Love Potion

Source: love potion valentine's day cocktail

31. Tickled Pink

Source: Tickled Pink Valentine's Day Cocktail


Source: Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes

33. Blood Orange Martini

Source: Blood Orange Martini

34. Hearts on Fire

Source: Hearts on Fire: A Playful

35. Raspberry Mojito

Source: Raspberry Mojito - The Sweetest

36. Valentine's Day Sangria

Source: Valentine's Day Sangria - illistyle

37. Strawberry Champagne with Champagne Soaked Strawberries

Source: Strawberry Champagne Serena Bakes Simply

38. Hemingway Daiquiri

Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red

39. Cupid's Kiss

Source: Pucker up on Valentine’s Day!

40. Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Soda

Source: Thirsty Thursday: 15 Delicious Christmas

41. Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria

Source: Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria

42. Cardamom Rose Cocktail

Source: Thirsty Thursday: 15 Valentine's Day

43. Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail

Source: Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail - Olivia's

44. Garnished with a Heart

Source: 7 Valentine's Day Cocktails

45. Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri

Source: Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri for Two

46. Raspberry Rose Fizz

Source: Thirsty Thursday: 15 Valentine's Day

47. Red Valentine Cocktail

Source: Thirsty Thursday: 15 Valentine's Day

Which one will you be shaking up this Valentine's Day?

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