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Beer is a fabulous beverage that works well with all types of meals. Not all versions work will all foods though, so if you love beer, it makes sense to figure out which bottle to grab based on what's on your plate. Not sure how to get started? Here are some easy rules for having the best meal with the best beer, every single day.

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Pilsner with Salad

Pilsner with Salad The light flavor of a pilsner works great with a salad topped with shrimp or salmon.


Pale Lager with Seafood

Pale Lager with Seafood A light colored beer is the perfect accompaniment for seafood of any type.


Wheat Beer with Lobster

Wheat Beer with Lobster Having lobster tonight? Pair with a wheat beer and you'll be so happy.


India Pale Ale with Mexican Food

India Pale Ale with Mexican Food If burritos and enchiladas are your favorite, stock the fridge with an India Pale Ale.


Pale Ale with Sausage

Pale Ale with Sausage There's nothing better with your sausage dish than a tall cold glass of pale ale.


Hefeweizen with Grain Dishes

Hefeweizen with Grain Dishes Balance the flavor of the beer with a hearty grain dish.


Oysters with Dry Stout

Oysters with Dry Stout Both oysters and dry stout have a distinctive flavor on their own, but they also pair really well together.


Porter with a Burger

Porter with a Burger There's nothing that pairs better with a huge burger than a glass of porter beer.


Grilled Chicken with Brown Ale

Grilled Chicken with Brown Ale The mild flavor of grilled chicken is perfect with the slightly bitter taste of the brown ale.


Bbq with Amber Ale

Pulled pork and beef are so tasty with a mug of amber ale.


Cream Stout with Dessert

Your sweet treat after a meal is great with a glass of a creamy stout beer.


Biscuits and Gravy with Cream Stout

Not ready for dessert? Cream stout also works well with biscuits and gravy for breakfast.


Pot Pie with a Dry Stout

Pot pie, the ultimate comfort food, is wonderful with a side of dry stout to quench your thirst.


Fried Food with Pale Ale

Fried Food with Pale Ale Having a cheat day? Pair your fries and chicken wings with a pale ale.


Amber Ale with Pasta

When you opt for the pasta with tomato sauce, order an amber ale to go with it.


Steak with a Porter

Like burgers, a thick, juicy steak with a porter beer is just about as perfect as life gets.


Stew with a Dry Stout

Dry stout perfectly complement the red meat and veggies in stew.

What's your favorite meal? What kind of beer goes best with it?

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