No-Bake Holiday Fruit Cake Recipe ...


No-Bake Holiday Fruit Cake Recipe ...
No-Bake Holiday Fruit Cake Recipe ...

Here is a new and tasty take on the traditional holiday fruit cake. Don't buy one, make one!

I have never eaten fruit cake. However, I have heard the usual horror stories of how they taste. After reviewing this no-bake recipe, I have found a likeness to it.

I like part that you can use whatever dried fruit and nuts that you want. I especially like craisins, but not raisins and pineapple for fruit, pecans or walnuts for nuts.

This recipe makes huge serving pieces. I think a 13 x 9 would be the best.

Freezes and travels superbly.

So, if you want to give away fruit cake this Christmas, this recipe has got to be the route to go! Yummy and frugal!

Happy Holidays!

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