Quick and Easy πŸ‘Œ DIY 🎨 Fall Snacks 🍿 and Party Treats πŸ€— ...

With the bad weather approaching, snacking for comfort is going to be packing on the pounds. In this video, there are 3 treats that are basically healthy, but with a little indulgence...

Which is your favorite? Mine is the popcorn! Studies say that 3 cups of popcorn is OK. I am sure with the pretzels. M & Ms, candy corn and drizzled chocolate, not too much harm could be done. You are bound not to over-indulge, as you would satisfy that salty and sweet craving all at once.

As you can buy all ingredients at the dollar store for about $5.00, you would have enough ingredients to make in huge batches at once or a bowl at a time (sure not to run out of ingredients for a while...).

I give this snack video a 10!

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