9 Magical Ingredients to Put in Your Oatmeal Tomorrow Morning ...

If you’re looking for some new ingredients to put in your oatmeal, you’ve come to the right place! The same bowl of oatmeal every morning can get a little mundane after a while. To keep this healthy breakfast staple one you look forward to, check out a few magical ingredients that will take your oatmeal from boring to brilliant in just minutes. Enjoy!

1. Goji Berries

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This magical berry isn’t just a superfood, but also one of my latest favorite ingredients to put in your oatmeal I’d like to share with you. Goji berries are one of the most unique berries when it comes to flavor and nutrition. They are actually grown in China, Mongolia, and the Himalayas, but sold in the USA in dried form. You might see them advertised as wolfberries. They are the only food proven to be high enough in anti-inflammatory properties that are said to stimulate the body to produce the anti-aging hormone known as HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Goji berries look much like a red raisin, yet are lower in sugar, and have all essential amino acids. They taste like the mix between a raisin and a cranberry, with sweet and tart flavors. I suggest cooking your oatmeal, and adding goji berries to let them steep about 5 minutes in your oatmeal as it sits. This will plump them up and soften them, without overcooking them and reducing their nutrients.

2. Cacao Nibs

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Cacao nibs are the raw form of chocolate with no sugar, or added fats at all. Think of them as the perfect, guilt-free chocolate chip you always wanted! Cacao nibs are the richest source of antioxidants on the planet, as all raw chocolate is, and they are an excellent source of energizing iron, stress-reducing magnesium, bone-building copper, immune-boosting zinc, and anti-aging sulfur, which is also a special detoxifying mineral for the liver. Adding cacao nibs to your oatmeal is like a naughty breakfast, that’s really quite nice!

3. Maca Powder

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Maca powder is a rich, creamy, caramel flavored powder that’s wonderful for your hormones. Made from maca root, from Peru, this powder is sold in raw and gelatinized forms, which is slightly heated for easier digestion. Maca powder can easily be added to oatmeal to boost your hormone function, lower stress, enhance the thyroid, and boost the libido. I actually love it as it helps me pre-workout and keeps me from those mid-morning jitters, all while tasting like a butterscotch version of oatmeal!

4. Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil isn’t something most people think to add to their oatmeal, but I’ll ask you to reconsider if you will. Just ½ to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil is all you need to get the benefits of this miraculous oil. Plus, not only is coconut fantastic to your health, as many of us know, but it adds a really satisfying, creamy flavor to your oatmeal too. Stir it in while your oatmeal is still hot after cooking, before it cools down too much. This will help the coconut melt into your oatmeal, and make it taste more like a rich oatmeal cookie than a healthy breakfast food!

5. Hemp Seeds

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Hemp seeds are my favorite source of plant protein. They’re also the easiest to digest of all plant proteins, and the best for you overall. They’re high in all essential amino acids, more than any other seed, plus, they’re the highest in chlorophyll, which alkalizes your body, and cleanses the entire system. Hemp seeds are also rich in fiber, which helps ensure regularity. As a bonus, hemp seeds boost your mood, thyroid, and metabolism. My top favorite reason to add them to oatmeal, is they add a mild nutty flavor, that’s rich in omega 3 fats, which make them great for your brain and heart too. Just use about 1-2 tablespoons per bowl of oatmeal, and consider your oatmeal upgraded just like that!

6. Coconut Flour

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I use coconut flour for just about everything. This high fiber, good protein source that’s low in calories and fat, is a perfect addition to oatmeal. It is made from 100% shredded raw coconut ground fine into a powder. You only need just a bit to add a thickening effect to foods, along with a delicious vanilla cake- like flavor. I add 1 tablespoon per bowl of oatmeal, and I have a delicious, cakey, and creamy bowl of oatmeal that’s complete with 3 extra grams of fiber, 3 extra grams of protein, and only 1 gram of added fat.

7. Oat Fiber

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Oat fiber is another favorite addition I have to add to oatmeal. It’s not oat flour, or oatmeal, but instead, just the fiber extracted from oats. It’s actually calorie-free, since it’s pure fiber, and yet, it still has a nutty, creamy taste, much like oatmeal does. It’s also incredibly affordable, at only about $4 per pound. It adds extra fiber to your oatmeal, as well as making it thicker in just seconds.

8. Flax Seeds

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Flax seeds are probably something you might add to your oatmeal already, but are still an ingredient that deserves to be mentioned. And flax seeds certainly do add a magical effect to oatmeal! With the highest source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids of any food, flax seeds also offer hormone boosting properties for women. I love that they add a nutty, creamy, and slightly textured flavor to my oats. I love the golden flax seeds the most, but you can use darker seeds too. Both are equal in nutrition. Just be sure to buy ground flax seeds, since your body can’t absorb the nutrients from whole seeds. I use about 1 tablespoon per bowl of oats.

9. Chia Seeds

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Let’s certainly not forget about chia seeds. You might be tired of hearing about chia seeds by now, but none the less, it’s no reason to quit using them, especially in breakfast foods. Oatmeal is such an easy canvas for healthy toppings, so why not include chia? Rich in fiber, omega 3s, not to mention magnesium, and potassium, chia seeds are my little energy bombs to start my day with. Plus, they’re like getting a version of sugar-free sprinkles when you think about it! I use about 2 teaspoons of chia per bowl of oats to add a nice, thick, plump texture. If you don’t like whole chia seeds, you can also buy milled chia, also known as chia flour, as well.

Oatmeal is a breakfast favorite of many, but I’d be willing to bet we all have our favorite version of it, most likely different than anyone else’s. I’m all about the oatmeal love, so you tell me - what do you put in your oatmeal that makes it magical? Nut butter? Superfood powder? Or, do you stick to delicious basics like berries and yogurt? Let me know! What are your daily oatmeal ingredients?

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