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7 Things You Can Add to Eggs to Give Them Mega Flavor ...

By Eliza

There are so many ingredients you can add to eggs, so what are you waiting for? Eggs are a super nutritious food chock-full of protein, choline, Vitamin D and lots of other nutrients you need for good health. They’re also fast and easy to prepare so you can have a healthy meal in minutes. I like to whip up some scrambled eggs for breakfast or dinner. If you’re tired of the same old plate of eggs, consider these ingredients you can add to eggs to give them plenty of flavor and keep things fresh at mealtime.

1 Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is one of the easiest ingredients you can add to eggs. Scramble a couple of eggs in a bowl then whip in an ounce or so of goat cheese. I like the plain version, but the herb-flavored goat cheese is also a yummy choice. Then simply cook the eggs as you normally do and get ready for a taste explosion. A bit of salt and pepper ramps up the taste even more. You’re going to love this, I promise!

2 Herbs

Herbs are a fat-free and totally flavorful way to give your scrambled eggs a new and delicious taste. Add a handful of your favorite herbs to your eggs just before serving. I like freshly chopped chives in mine, but dill, rosemary, thyme and basil are other great choices. You can even mix and match your favorites to create all sorts of new combinations that you’ll love.

3 Vegetables

I love to sauté a few chopped vegetables in a pan with butter until soft. Then I add the beaten eggs and scramble them as usual. This creates a yummy take on an omelet that doesn’t require as much effort, but tastes just as good. Bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach are delicious choices. You can also sprinkle raw vegetables over cooked eggs if you prefer them that way.

4 Leftover Meat

If you’re like me, you often have a small bit of meat leftover at dinnertime. Instead of tossing it, try adding it to your scrambled eggs. Thinly slice the meat and add it to the pan for a couple of minutes before putting the eggs in. That way it’s hot, but not overcooked. Try steak, chicken breast, ham, pork chops or salmon. I can personally attest to the tasty flavor of each of these choices. You won’t be sorry!

5 Spicy Stuff

A bit of zing is always delicious when mealtime rolls around. The mild taste of eggs is a perfect backdrop for loads of spicy ingredients. Try chopped jalapenos or roasted poblano peppers. A dash of Tabasco or a spoonful of chunky tomato salsa works perfectly too.

6 Tortillas

Before you add your eggs to the pan, lightly sauté some broken up corn tortillas with a bit of red enchilada sauce. Then add the eggs and cook as usual. When you’re done, you’ve created a common Mexican meal called chilaquiles. This is a great idea for a quick dinner, but it’s also perfect for a weekend brunch. This idea also works great with a cracked fried egg over the top. Add some avocado and you’re all set.

7 Dairy

Goat cheese is one of my favorite add-ins, but there are lots of other cheeses and dairy foods you can add. They give scrambled eggs a nice creaminess while also giving them just the right touch of saltiness. Try cheddar, cream cheese or bleu cheese. You can also whip in a bit of sour cream or plain yogurt. These choices pair really well with herbs so mix and match to find your favorite.

Have I inspired you to make eggs today? Which idea sounds the most delicious to you? Feel free to add your own!

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