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Super Delish Mocktails for Girls Who Don't Want Alcohol ...

By Eliza

Mocktails, which are non-alcoholic drinks, can be as delicious as the real thing. If you need something to drink on a weeknight or at lunch, a mocktail is the perfect idea. You can make some really tasty ones that won’t make you act loopy when it’s gone. Instead of just making your favorite cocktails without the liquor, try one of these mocktails and you won’t even know it’s missing.

1 Arizona Sunset

Arizona SunsetNot only is this mocktail free of alcohol, but it looks really pretty and tastes even better. It’s perfect for ending a really stressful day and the fruity flavor can’t be beat.

1 cup lemon-lime soda
1 cup orange juice
Maraschino cherries

Fill 2 glasses with ice and add just a dash of Grenadine. In a pitcher, combine the lemon-lime soda and the orange juice. Divide the juice mixture among the glasses and garnish with cherries.


2 Raspberry Spritzer

Raspberry SpritzerThis bubbly delight is just right for a hot night on the patio. But that doesn’t mean you can’t drink anytime the mood strikes. One sip of this mocktail and you won’t even want to go back to the loaded version.

1 bottle raspberry acai juice
½ bottle lemon lime soda
1 cup strawberries, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 cup peaches, sliced


Combine the juice and soda in a large pitcher. Stir in the fruit. Pour over ice and serve.


3 Blackberry Vanilla Mocktail

Blackberry Vanilla MocktailThis delicious little gem is perfect when the berries are in season. You can also use frozen fruit so you can enjoy it anytime you want one. I bet this one becomes your new favorite.

1/3 cup fresh blackberries
Juice of ½ a lemon
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon honey
Club soda

Muddle the blackberries with the lemon, vanilla and honey with a splash of club soda. Pour it through a mesh strainer and transfer to a cocktail glass filled with ice. Top off with club soda and garnish with fresh blackberries.


4 New Mother Mocktail

New Mother MocktailYou don’t have to be a new mama to enjoy this drink, though it is a tasty choice when the nights are long and you’re low on sleep.

32 ounces apple juice
32 ounces cranberry juice
32 ounces orange juice
Crushed ice
Orange slices

Combine the juices in a large punch bowl. Serve on ice with the orange slices to garnish.


5 Blue Summer

Blue SummerThis just sounds good, doesn’t it? The color will make you think you’re sipping a cocktail on the beach, but there’s no alcohol in this one. You still get lots of great flavor though.

3 ounces pineapple juice
1 ounce orange juice
2 drops blue food coloring
1 ounce coconut crème

Place the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and combine well. Serve over ice in hurricane glasses.


6 Safe Sex on the Beach

Safe Sex on the BeachIf you love the original, you’ll love this alcohol-free version just as much. It won’t leave you with any regrets, but it still has all the taste you crave.

3 ounces cranberry juice
3 ounces grapefruit juice
2 ounces peach nectar
Maraschino cherry

Combine the ingredients and mix well. Pour over ice and garnish with the cherry.


7 Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

Watermelon Cucumber CoolerNo liquor here! This mocktail is totally refreshing and super easy to make too. You’ll love it so much, you’ll start craving it all the time.

4 cups cubed watermelon
4 ounces white rum
3 ounces cucumber flavored simple syrup
Soda water
Watermelon and cucumber, for garnish

Place the watermelon, rum and simply syrup in the blender and puree. Pour into glasses filled with ice and top with soda water. Garnish with watermelon and cucumber.


Which one are you dying to try today? Won’t you feel virtuous enjoying a drink without the alcohol?

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