7 Perfect Smoothies to Jump Start Your Day ...


Whether you add in bananas, oranges, spinach, or any kind of produce, there are tons of great smoothies to jump start your day. Smoothies are perfect for morning because they are filled with vitamins and nutrients that you need to keep you going. If you are in the mood to blend up something yummy in the morning, here are some delicious smoothies to jump start your day.

1. Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie

Green tea is the perfect ingredient to add to your smoothies to jump start your day. Green tea is great to kick start your metabolism and the addition of honey and bananas makes this smoothie just as delicious as it is healthy.


1 frozen banana

½ large honeydew melon, cut into chunks

¾ cup strong brewed green tea

1 teaspoon honey

¼ cup almond milk



Blend all ingredients until smooth.


Source: **eatliverun.com

Banana Oat Smoothie
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