Clementines Are about to Become Your Go-to Winter Fruit ...

By Chelsie

Clementines Are about to Become Your Go-to Winter Fruit ...

Clementines are the perfect fruit to eat during the winter. You can find them in almost every grocery store, and they are a welcome, refreshing treat in the middle of winter. Personally, I love snacking on clementines. They are so delicious, and they are also fun to eat since they are so small and cute. If you have never tried a clementine, you really should, because clementines are the perfect fruit to eat in the winter.

Table of contents:

  1. low in calories
  2. sweet treat
  3. portable
  4. great source of vitamin c
  5. everyone loves them
  6. great price
  7. easy to peel

1 Low in Calories

One of the reasons clementines are the perfect fruit to eat during the winter is they are low in calories. With all the high calorie treats that are around in the winter, it is nice to have low calorie options to reach for. At 35 calories each, clementines are very low in calories. As a result, you can definitely eat more than one without feeling guilty.

2 Sweet Treat

Another reason to eat clementines while they are in season is they are so sweet. Clementines are one of the sweetest varieties of citrus. In fact, they are sweet enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. However, unlike candy that you might typically reach for to satisfy your sweet tooth, clementines won’t spike your blood sugar, and you can feel good about eating them.

3 Portable

When you are running around doing your holiday shopping, it is nice to have a healthy, sweet snack on hand. Clementines are great for snacking on the go. They don’t take up much room since they are small, and they are also light. So, before you head out to do your errands this winter, grab a clementine to take with you. Then, you will be sure to have a healthy and tasty snack to reach for if you get hungry.

4 Great Source of Vitamin C

Although they are not very big, clementines pack a lot of vitamin C. One clementine has 60 percent of your daily value of vitamin C! That’s a lot of vitamin C in a little package, which is great because vitamin C supports your immune system. Having a healthy immune system is critical during cold and flu season, and, since clementines contain so much vitamin C, eating clementines just might help you stay healthy.

5 Everyone Loves Them

Just about everyone loves clementines. If you have an office party or a school party, you can bring some clementines in a basket, and you can be almost guaranteed that people will flock toward the clementines. You can also include clementines in your holiday gift baskets, which is something I often do. The clementines are usually the most popular item in the basket. People really do love them!

6 Great Price

Because most fruit is not in season during the winter, you can end up paying a lot of money for fresh fruit. However, clementines are one of the few fruits that happen to be in season. As a result, they are a great price. It is not uncommon to be able to purchase a small bag of clementines for fewer than five dollars! At that price, how can you resist buying some clementines to snack on?

7 Easy to Peel

As much as I love oranges, I don’t often eat them because they can be difficult to peel. Clementines, on the other hand, are very easy to peel. With very little effort, you can peel a clementine and enjoy it in no time. If you like clementines as much as I do, you will appreciate how easy they are to peel. Who wants to spend time peeling citrus fruit, when you could be eating it?

Every winter I get excited when I start to see clementines in the grocery store. They are so delicious, and, because they are healthy I don’t feel bad about eating them. Why do you love to eat clementines?

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