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Christmas Cookies to Bake This Holiday Season ...

By Eliza

One of my favorite things about the holidays is a cookie exchange party where everyone brings a few dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies. Everyone trades and then goes home with a selection of delicious choices to enjoy throughout the holiday season. Baking Christmas cookies is a great way to make holiday memories and makes for some yummy treats to give as gifts. Check out these great options and you'll be ready to do some baking. Have fun!

1 Sugar Cookie Cut-outs

food,icing,dessert,buttercream,snack food,Source: Perfect Sugar Cookie Cut-outs - ...
My favorite Christmas cookies are the cut out sugar ones. They are so much fun to decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

2 Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies

food,dessert,cookie,cookies and crackers,dish,Source: Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies. ...
Red and green embellishments make any cookie recipe worthy of the holidays.


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3 Jam-Filled Snowball Cookies

food,dish,dessert,baked goods,scone,Source:
These little gems just scream Christmas with the snow white outside and the jammy red inside.

4 Reindeer Cookies with Gingerbread Man Cutter

food,dessert,reindeer,cake decorating,deer,Source: Reindeer Cookies with a Gingerbread ...
Your gingerbread man cookie cutter can be repurposed to make all kinds of other great things.

5 Snowdrops

food,macaroon,powdered sugar,dessert,chocolate truffle,Source: Snowdrops
These classic holiday cookies are easy to make and really tasty to eat.

6 Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

food,dessert,icing,cake,snack food,Source: Candy Cane Kiss Cookies. - ...
Don't these look absolutely perfect for any of your holiday parties this year?

7 Peppermint Cookie

food,berry,dessert,plant,breakfast,Source: Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies
Peppermint is one of the flavors of the holidays and you can give your cookies a great flavor by using candy canes in your dough.

8 OREO Snowmen

food,dessert,cake,cookie,cookies and crackers,Source: Melting Snowmen Cookie Balls Recipe
These cute snowmen are ideal for your holiday parties. Aren't they cute?

9 Red and Green Spirals

red,christmas decoration,heart,food,dessert,Source: Whoville Cookies | Christmas Sugar ...
Any cookie that is tinted red and green is going to look like it's ready to hit the parties.

10 Christmas Ornaments

red,dessert,food,christmas,christmas decoration,Source: Christmas Ornament Gingerbread Cookies
What shape could be better for a Christmas cookie than an ornament?

11 Shortbread Bites

food,dessert,dish,produce,snack food,Source: Shortbread Bites
Here's another great example of how you can make any cookie like Christmas by adding red and green sprinkles.

12 Oreo Balls

food,dessert,chocolate truffle,chocolate brownie,chocolate cake,Source: Pip & Ebby - Pip-Ebby ...
If you love Oreos, you won't be able to get enough of these tasty cookies.

13 Christmas Pretzels

food,dessert,icing,cookies and crackers,snack food,Source: M&M Pretzel Treats
These are great for parties! You aren't going to be able to resist eating them by the handful. Yum!

14 Christmas Cookie Bar

food,dessert,produce,breakfast,snack food,Source:
This looks fancy, but it's so easy to make. Your friends and family are going to love this yummy cookie!

15 Cereal Wreaths

food,dish,produce,vegetable,leaf vegetable,Source: Christmas Cornflake Wreaths - Tastes ...
These adorable little wreaths are easy to make and make a festive treat for any party.

16 Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

food,plant,produce,dessert,fruit,Source: Easy Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies ...
These cookies are the perfect color for a Christmas cookie recipe.

17 Candy Canes

food,strawberry,dessert,produce,plant,Source: Hank Graff Chevrolet - Bay ...
I don't like traditional candy canes, but I could go for a couple of these!

18 Snowman Friends

food,snowman,dessert,dish,snack food,Source:
Who wouldn't want a few of these? They are so cute, it would be hard to eat them, don't you think?

19 Christmas Cookie Sticks

food,dessert,dish,christmas decoration,meal,Source: christmas cookie sticks - The ...
These cookies are shaped so you can give them as gifts stuffed into jars.

20 Colorful Swirl Cookies

red,food,dessert,icing,cake,Source: Colorful Slice and Bake Swirl ...
Here's another swirl cookie that is festive and surprisingly easy to make.

21 Simple Reindeer

food,dessert,cookie,cookies and crackers,baked goods,Source: Cute Christmas Cookies
These cookies are simple and easy to make. Everyone is going to love them!

22 Christmas Funfetti

food,macaroon,dessert,cookie,cookies and crackers,Source: Confetti Cake Batter Cookies. - ...
Cake batter cookies are soft and chewy and super easy to make too.

23 Pretzel Reindeer

food,dessert,baked goods,baking,snack food,Source: 50 Christmas Treats and Goodies ...
Twisted pretzels are the perfect thing for creating antlers on your reindeer cookies.

24 More Reindeer

food,dessert,icing,snack food,produce,Source: megann's kitchen: Little
This is another fun and easy way to repurpose your gingerbread man cookie cutter.

25 Blue and White Christmas Cookies

food,dessert,icing,gingerbread,snack food,Source: Holiday cookies
Blue is a great alternative color for Christmas if you want something other than red and green.

26 Frosted Sugar Cookies

food,icing,dessert,sugar paste,cake decorating,Source: Christmas cookie box (and recipes!)
See how delicious these look? No wonder they are my favorite!

27 Grinch Cookies

food,plant,dessert,dish,produce,Source: Grinch Cookies Recipe | In ...
Everyone loves the story of the Grinch, which makes these great cookies for the holidays.

28 Red Spirals

food,dessert,icing,buttercream,snack food,Source: Sprinkle Bakes: Colorful Spiral Cookies
Red spiral cookies are just as much fun as green ones.

29 Rolled in Sprinkles

pink,food,dessert,art,fashion accessory,Source: Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies
Rolling the outside of your cookies in sprinkles is an easy way to add a gourmet flair to them for the holidays.

30 Tiny Gingerbread Houses

pink,christmas decoration,christmas,Source: Magical Moments
Could anything be cuter? I love these itty bitty gingerbread houses. They would be tasty with hot cocoa.

What's your favorite kind of Christmas cookie? Is baking something you look forward to during the holidays? Did you find a new cookie to add to your rotation?

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