Delicious Recipe for Cookie Marbled Brownies You Need to Make ...


Delicious Recipe for Cookie Marbled Brownies You Need to Make ...
Delicious Recipe for Cookie Marbled Brownies You Need to Make ...

I'm here with a recipe for cookie marbled brownies that will change your life. Baking is one of those things that just happens in my family. It is what we do. I have vivid memories of baking chocolate chip bars with my Nana as a 3-year-old. She had a spatula that she used to scrape the bowl and no matter how hard I tried, I could never get as much cookie dough on that spatula as Nana did! To this day, when I bake chocolate chip bars with my own kids, the memories of sitting on my Nana’s kitchen counter and stirring the batter in rural West Virginia are sparked.

My mom’s go-to recipe was brownies. She kept an index card in her recipe box with the hand-written recipe. That poor little card was so easy to find because it was the only one spattered with batter and crinkled from being taken out and put back so many times over the years.

Because of those baking roots, I have a serious love for both chocolate chip cookie bars and brownies. Cue: The Brookie! Or…. the Crownie! Or as I like to call it, the Cookie Marbled Brownie. It’s all the same… I just think my name sounds a little fancier.

Spoiler: this recipe is a total cheat. You can use your favorite from scratch recipe for both the cookies or the brownies if you want, but I’ve simplified this recipe by using some serious shortcuts that will have you looking like a baking professional with hardly any of the fuss.

I made these for my 10-year old’s 4th grade class to celebrate her birthday and they were an absolute hit with the kids and the teachers. If you want to delve into baking without a whole lot of effort, this recipe for cookie marbled brownies is the way to go. Watch the video below to see how.

Bambi Frazier is a mom to three vibrant girls living in Washington, DC. She is the author of the “Better Bites” cookbook series available on Amazon and shares recipes, lifestyle tips, vlogs and blogs on her website

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