Video Guide on How to Create Chocolates in Your Ice Cube Trays ...

By Leiann

Looking for a video for ice tray truffles? Do you find chocolate to be so expensive that you only can afford to buy occasionally? I know what you mean. I cannot even afford to buy a candy bar. But, there is hope! Have you ever thought of how to make chocolates in your ice cube trays? Sound good? Make your own chocolates at home whether you are poor, frugal or a DIYer.

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Published on Jan 22, 2017

The video for ice tray truffles shows you different options to include in your chocolates. My favorite? Peanut butter. Get your chocolate fix and your protein fix, both in one.

Are you more of a sweet and salty? Then, use crushed pretzels! Also, you could use your choice of nuts instead.

Like super sweet? Use marshmallows.

All you need to do is:

1 Melt the Chocolate, I Would Use Chocolate Chips

2 Spray Ice Cube Trays with Cooking Spray

3 Pour Melted Chocolate into the Bottom

4 Freeze for Two Minutes

5 Place Your Choice of Peanut Butter, Crushed Pretzel, Nuts or Marshmallow in Next

6 Then, Pour Melted Chocolate on Top of Options

7 Freeze Ice Cubes Trays

8 Once Frozen, Take the Chocolates out of the Ice Cube Tray as if the Chocolates Were Ice Cubes!

Now you can have chocolates whenever you want without being worried about the cost. All ingredients for these chocolates may be found guessed...Dollar Tree! Even the ice cube trays!

Delicious and frugal. From my kitchen to yours.

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