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Ridiculously Incredible Kitchen Products That Will Change Your Life ...

By Heather

I love to cook and my wife is one of those that has to have every single gadget out there for the kitchen – so which gadgets are really worth it? Well, I've got the list below and I can promise that all of these will change your life and make it so much easier!

1 Squeezable Tea Infuser

With as much tea as I drink, I need this!

Get it here:

2 Garlic Flinger

Oh yes, it flicks the old piece of garlic right out.

Get it here:

3 Veggie Slicer

Now you can cut out the pasta!

Get it here:

4 Cake Batter Dispenser

I want this now!

Get it here:

5 Caramel Apple Maker

OMG! The perfect fall gift!

Get it here:

6 Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Might be a bit expensive but so worth it.

Get it here:

7 French Fry Slicer

For the moments when you want fresh-cut fries … at home.

Get it here:

8 Taste Enhancing Forks

These are so cool!

Get it here:

9 Pizza Scissors

Seriously, they are scissors for your pizza.

Get it here:

10 Self-Refilling Wine Glass

We all need this.

Get it here:

11 Pasta Pot

You cook AND drain your pasta here … how did I not know about this?

Get it here:

12 Portion Control Dressing Cap

How freaking cool!

Get it here:

13 Garlic Grater

I love this thing!

Get it here:

14 Yolk Extractor

For when you just need the yolk.

Get it here:

15 Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

I NEED THIS – like right now.

Get it here:

16 Onion Holder

You won't have to worry about your fingers smelling like onions.

Get it here:

17 Citrus Sprayer

This … is amazing.

Get it here:

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