Stay Healthy with These Cereals Celebs Keep in Their Cabinets ...


Cereal is an American favorite when it comes to breakfast, but people in other countries enjoy it too. Where I shop, an entire aisle is devoted to cereal. The whole thing! Talk about a lot of choices. The trick to buying cereal is to be sure you choose one that is low in sugar and calories, but high in fiber and other important nutrients. That way you have a meal that complements your healthy lifestyle. Want to be like the big names in Hollywood? Here are the boxes of cereal you should pick up at the supermarket today.

1. Cheerios –Angelina Jolie

Cheerios –Angelina Jolie

Maybe she loves this kid favorite because she has so many children of her own. Regardless, she makes a good choice because Cheerios are made with oats, which means they have a decent amount of fiber. They are also very low in sugar (unless you choose the frosted or Honey Nut variety). Top Cheerios with fruit and you have the perfect breakfast.

Rice Krispies – David Letterman
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