26 Stunning, Sassy Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes ...


Sweet 16 birthday cakes should be special, even if you're not making an enormous deal for your 16th. It's still a rite of passage, and you deserve a truly stupendous cake. If you're a teen designing your own cake, or the parent or friend of someone about to hit the big 1-6, think about some of these stunning, sassy sweet 16 birthday cakes! Always remember the taste of the birthday girl, along with favorite colors and designs – and don't forget, the flavor plays a hugely important role as well!

1. Topsy-Turvy Colors

Topsy-Turvy Colors

Via Neon zebra sweet 16 cake ...

This is one of the cutest cakes I've ever seen. And as you'll see, topsy-turvy designs are extremely popular for sweet 16 birthday cakes – maybe because it's such a fun, topsy-turvy time!

Zebra Bling
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