Unexpectedly Tantalizing Toppings for Corn on the Cob ...


Unexpectedly Tantalizing Toppings for Corn on the Cob ...
Unexpectedly Tantalizing Toppings for Corn on the Cob ...

It’s that time of year when everyone’s garden is bursting with fresh produce, so now is definitely the time to experiment with new corn on the cob toppings. That’s right! You aren’t stuck with the same old butter, salt and pepper. There are loads of great combinations that will bring out the flavor of your corn and make it something worth eating again and again. Check out these delicious corn on the cob toppings, then share what you love on your corn.

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Tomatoes and Cheese

Tomatoes and Cheese This is going to quickly become one of your favorite corn on the cob toppings. In a small bowl, combine diced tomatoes, salt and Parmesan cheese. Then sprinkle it on your cooked corn and dig in. There is something about the flavor of tomatoes and corn that is just so delicious. The cheese really adds a great burst of saltiness too.


Taco Seasoning

Taco Seasoning Sounds simple, right? And it’s totally delicious too! Start by spreading some butter on your corn so the seasoning has something to stick to. Then sprinkle on a generous amount of packaged taco seasoning. You can also use your own homemade version by combining chili powder, garlic salt and cumin together. Either way, it’s going to make your corn on the cob something you’ll never forget.


Herb Olive Oil

Herb Olive Oil Olive oil has a really great flavor anyway, but it works to enhance the sweetness of corn really well. You can ramp it up by adding herbs to your olive oil for even more flavor. Try parsley, garlic, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, dill or any other of your favorite herbs. Add a dash of salt and pepper, then drizzle the mixture over your ears of corn just before serving.


Barbecue Cheddar

Barbecue Cheddar If you’re serving corn alongside a burger or rack of ribs, this is the perfect topping for it. Mix your favorite barbecue sauce with a scattering of cheddar cheese and stir well to combine. Brush the mixture on the ears of corn while they cook, then slather on even more once they come off the grill. You won’t believe the taste explosion this topping adds to corn on the cob. You may never want to eat it any other way.


Spicy Lime

Spicy Lime Corn on the cob is a fun thing to serve with Mexican food. I’m not kidding – think about street corn and all the salsas that contain corn. So go ahead and give yours a south of the border flair by sprinkling your ears of corn with lime juice, then liberally dousing them with spicy chili powder. You won’t be sorry!


Peppery Ranch

Peppery Ranch Ranch is a great condiment for a variety of vegetables and corn is no exception. You can certainly drizzle your corn on the cob with bottled ranch dressing, but you can also make your own. Whatever you use, finish it off with a healthy dose of freshly cracked black pepper to bring out all the flavors.



Buffalo I love the flavor of buffalo sauce, which makes this one of my favorite corn on the cob toppings. Once your corn is cooked, simply douse it in buffalo sauce then drizzle on a bit of ranch or blue cheese dressing to balance out the spicy flavor. I’d serve this with burgers or hot dogs.

What do you like on your corn on the cob? You can’t go wrong with butter, salt and pepper, but sometimes it’s fun to shake things up. Which one is making your mouth water?

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