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27 Positively Pretty Pastries to Enjoy ...

By Lisa

There are so many different types of pastries to enjoy. I think I like going to bakeries to take in all the delectable sights and smells just as much as I like tasting them! I've rounded up some of the most attractive pastries I've seen online and I invite you to partake in this visual feast!

1 Mini Tiered Cakes

pink,purple,cake,buttercream,food,Via Unfrosted Purple Ombre Cake with ...
I love that these pastries are ombre and purple! So beautiful and delicate.

2 Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry

food,dish,meal,breakfast,dessert,Via Sprinkle Bakes: Honeyed Pears in ...
What a beautiful creation that's perfect for fall.


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3 Beautiful Bun

food,dish,dessert,cuisine,baked goods,Via DIY Beautiful Bun DIY Projects ...
A quick tutorial on making some beautiful buns.

4 Frankfurter Kranz Gattines

food,dessert,meal,breakfast,dish,Via Mowielicious: October 2009 posts
An absolutely gorgeous dessert with cherries, buttercream and caramelized nuts.

5 Flower Cupcakes

wedding cake,food,buttercream,icing,sugar paste,Via Pastery
Fantastic florals on cupcakes. These would be nice for a bridal shower.

6 Fruit Tarts

food,dish,plant,produce,dessert,Via More Tarts
Sometimes, fruits are all you need to spruce up your dessert. They're so colorful and sweet.

7 Ravishing Raspberries

food,dessert,dish,produce,breakfast,Via Fine dining with Vitisasia | ...
I couldn't find the exact name of this fine dessert, but it's simply amazing!

8 Classic Profiteroles with Vanilla Custard Filling and Chocolate

food,dessert,breakfast,meal,produce,Via Crema per il Profiterole con ...
The perfect bite-sized treat. Although I don't think I could stop at just one bite...

9 Danish Pastry

bakery,food,meal,breakfast,baking,Via Cooking tips:Sourdough Danish Pastry Tutorials
How would you like to wake up to one of these? I can just imagine the light, flaky crust and cream cheese inside.

10 Foret Noire

food,dessert,chocolate cake,cake,chocolate,Via 『今年も宜しくお願い致します!!』
You really can't go wrong with chocolate and cherries and this dessert is so beautifully done.

11 Pistachio Cake and Pansies

food,cupcake,cake,dessert,buttercream,Via Clemmensen and Brok: All around ...
A simple cake topped with a vibrant-colored flower. Pour yourself a cup of tea and you're set.

12 White Chocolate Mousse Plated Dessert

White chocolate and raspberries tastes as good as they look. Doesn't this look so unique?

13 Praline Pecan, Muscovado Sugar and Grand Cru Tainori

food,insect,produce,Via Pastry
Truly a work of art. I would love to sink my teeth into this!

14 Bandaloue Pear Tart

Le Petit Gateau,dish,food,meal,cuisine,Via
Pears are so underrated! They're so juicy and versatile.

15 Rhubarb Tart

food,meat,dish,animal fat,ham,Via Sabores de colores | Recetas ...
Pretty in pink.

16 Coconut Milk Panna Cotta, Hibiscus Caviar, Mango, Micro Cilantro, Kiwi, Kiwi Sorbet, and Pulled Sugar-Hibiscus Tuile

food,dish,meal,breakfast,produce,Via Pastry Chef Stephen Collucci of ...
So elegant!

17 Cherry Tart

dish,food,plant,produce,pavlova,Via inspiration
Small and simple, but such a feast for the senses!

18 Hydrangea Pastry

jewellery,fashion accessory,gemstone,amethyst,petal,Via 鈴懸 すずかけ|福岡 博多 和菓子
Doesn't this resemble the flower? They almost look like they're decorated with jewels!

19 Apple Roses Puff Pastry

food,dessert,dish,produce,icing,Via Róże – ciasto francuskie z ...
How beautiful is this apple rose? Such a pretty little treat.

20 Macarons

food,dessert,easter egg,cake,sweetness,Via Digging in: Local food Archives
Macarons are always so pretty and there's never a wrong time to enjoy one or three.

21 Chocolate Delight

food,dessert,chocolate,chocolate cake,icing,Via Pastry Chef Jami Kling of ...
Chocolate in every form you can imagine!

22 Cake!

food,meal,frutti di bosco,dessert,dish,Via Purple
Looking at this is just torture, I want a piece!

23 Crisp Apple Strudel

food,dish,dessert,meal,breakfast,Via Recipes
Just look at that perfect lattice top!

24 Cream Puffs

food,wedding cake,buttercream,dessert,icing,Via Rolice ;) — Coolinarika
Cream puffs can make any day better.

25 Le Petit Antoine

food,dessert,dish,peanut butter cup,breakfast,Via Yahoo - login
Cripy, chocolatey and so decadent. It kind of looks like a high class, deconstructed Kit Kat!

26 Berry Mousse Pastry

food,chocolate cake,dessert,plant,produce,Via Dessert 1/4
Look at those colors! It looks so flavorful and fresh.

27 Temari Cake

wedding cake,icing,cake decorating,sugar paste,dessert,Via Timeline Photos | Facebook
Inspired by Japanese art. This almost looks like a decorative piece and not even food!

What did you think of these beautiful sweets? It makes you want something sweet, but it also shows you a different side of dessert where the art takes center stage.

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