26 Stunning Sassy Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes ...

By Lyndsie

26 Stunning Sassy Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes ...

Sweet 16 birthday cakes should be special, even if you're not making an enormous deal for your 16th. It's still a rite of passage, and you deserve a truly stupendous cake. If you're a teen designing your own cake, or the parent or friend of someone about to hit the big 1-6, think about some of these stunning, sassy sweet 16 birthday cakes! Always remember the taste of the birthday girl, along with favorite colors and designs – and don't forget, the flavor plays a hugely important role as well!

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Topsy-Turvy Colors
  2. 2. Zebra Bling
  3. 3. Fun and Flowers
  4. 4. Frilly Ombre
  5. 5. Tiffany Blue
  6. 6. Camo Crazy
  7. 7. Neon Fun
  8. 8. Sweet Stuff
  9. 9. Sweet Stuff II
  10. 10. Damask Cake
  11. 11. Flowery Cake
  12. 12. Superstar
  14. 14. BLING and BOWS
  15. 15. Roses and Bling
  16. 16. Skyline Cake
  17. 17. Purple Craze
  18. 18. Masquerade Cake
  19. 19. Flowers and Frills
  20. 20. Cupcake Tower
  21. 21. Cake or Present?
  22. 22. Pink Damask
  23. 23. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Sweet 16 Birthday Cake
  24. 24. Candy Cake
  25. 25. Star-spangled Cake
  26. 26. Feathers and Flair

1 Topsy-Turvy Colors

Topsy-Turvy Colors Via Neon zebra sweet 16 cake ...

This is one of the cutest cakes I've ever seen. And as you'll see, topsy-turvy designs are extremely popular for sweet 16 birthday cakes – maybe because it's such a fun, topsy-turvy time!

2 Zebra Bling

Zebra Bling Via Sweet 16 Birthday Cake - ...

See? This one incorporates zebra print as well, along with quite a lot of dazzle.

3 Fun and Flowers

Fun and Flowers Via Claudine: Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

These flowers are absolutely gorgeous. The icing work is lovely as well, but I'd maybe consider a slightly different design for the 16.

4 Frilly Ombre

Frilly Ombre Via Sweet 16

This cake is exquisitely feminine, and so pretty. You could get a design like this in any color palette, but the ombre is a must.

5 Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue Via jesecacreations.com

This shade of blue is extremely popular for sweet 16 cakes. The overall look is so sweet!

6 Camo Crazy

Camo Crazy Via Sweet

I love that this cake uses camouflage along with the pink. It proves that girls aren't all the same, and some of us love being outdoors, going hunting and fishing, and accessorizing our rhinestones with camo.

7 Neon Fun

Neon Fun Via Custom Party Cakes | Memphis ...

It's a great idea to choose a cake with crazy colors. You really want them to pop!

8 Sweet Stuff

Sweet Stuff Via sweet 16 birthday cake

This cake is so fun! From the candy topper to the candy cane print, it's too cute!

9 Sweet Stuff II

Sweet Stuff II Via Candy Shoppe Designs: SUPER Sweet ...

I'm all over those lollipops, those are gorgeous. Of course, the feathers lend a super fun touch as well.

10 Damask Cake

Damask Cake Via Cakes, Cupcakes & Cakepops

I adore damask, so I would've loved this cake at 16. Would you choose this color palette?

11 Flowery Cake

Flowery Cake Via You have to see Rosette ...

You're a daisy if you do! This proves that you don't necessarily need three tiers to have a gorgeous cake.

12 Superstar

Superstar Via Custom Sweet 16 Cakes NJ ...

This is a great way to make any 16 year old feel like a star! I love the geometric shape as well.



Animal print makes a great choice for birthday cakes, and zebra print is particularly popular. I love the color combination here.


BLING and BOWS Via Cakes

There is a lot of dazzle on this cake. I also love the color scheme, which is so feminine.

15 Roses and Bling

Roses and Bling Via Sweet 16

The colors on this cake are so sweet. It's more antique looking than the above cake, but the bling keeps it fresh.

16 Skyline Cake

Skyline Cake Via Sandra's Cakes

This is really stunning. The design on this is gorgeous, especially that skyline.

17 Purple Craze

Purple Craze Via Sweet 16 birthday cake

Here's another topsy-turvy piece, but the color makes it awfully royal. The purse detail is quite fierce.

18 Masquerade Cake

Masquerade Cake Via Masquerade Themed Sweet 16 Birthday ...

Are you a fan of masquerades, or are you buying a cake for someone who loves a good masquerade? This would be excellent for a costume-themed party.

19 Flowers and Frills

Flowers and Frills Via Food

From the quilting to the flowers, this is gorgeous. It's perfect for anyone who loves pastels.

20 Cupcake Tower

Cupcake Tower Via Kids Birthday

Cupcake towers are still hugely popular. This one is great because it also includes an actual cake.

21 Cake or Present?

Cake or Present? Via artistrybyveronica.com

Is it a cake, or is it a gift? It's both, and it's super pink, too!

22 Pink Damask

Pink Damask Via Damask Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

I'm still wild about the damask! Why does it look so good with pink?

23 Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Via Angelica's Sweet 16 party

Here's another take on Tiffany blue, and it is stunning! I love the way the cake design incorporates the gift.

24 Candy Cake

Candy Cake Via Sweet 16 Dot Explosion Birthday ...

The color palette on this cake is really one-of-a-kind. Love pink as I do, this is a welcome change.

25 Star-spangled Cake

Star-spangled Cake Via Ashlee's Sweet 16 Birthday Cake ...

From the top to the topsy-turvy layers, this is perfection all over. I especially love all the gold accents!

26 Feathers and Flair

Feathers and Flair Via Jordan & Alyssa's Sweet 16 ...

Feathers, zebra print, bows, bling ... this is just a stunner. Would you enjoy a cake like this?

What was your sweet 16 cake, or what kind would you like? Share some of the coolest cakes you've ever seen!

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