6 Tasty 😋 Cocktails 🍹 to Get You Tipsy 🙃 in No Time ⌛️ ...


Everyone loves a tasty cocktail and the point in drinking is to get tipsy! Right? Yass! So try these 6 amazingly delish cocktails and you'll be feeling laid back in no time!

1. Margorona

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If you are looking for a fun drink that will give you a good buzz 😵, this is it! It comes in a big margarita glass with a (Corona) dumped upside down in your cup 👀. Get it frozen or with ice!

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2. Long Island IceD Tea

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If you love ❤️ iced tea, Vodka, & Rum, this is the perfect drink! It's pretty smooth and it gets you that good feeling your looking for!

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3. Hennessy PaSsion

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Fruity drinks are good for the summer it makes you feel very festive! This is an awesome drink that cools you off and heats you up at the same time! 🍹 Try this (Hennessy) Goddess!

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4. The Painkiller Cocktail

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Sounds like this cocktail should have many liqueurs in it but it manly consist of pineapple juice 🍍 so if you have a taste for that and (Rum) this is for you!

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5. Hurricane

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This drink is strong and fruit flavored at the same time, the (Rum) almost out ways the juices. The hurricane is guaranteed to get the good 😊 feeling there!

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6. Amaretto Sour

distilled beverage, alcoholic beverage, drink, liqueur, cocktail,

You would never know that this sweet Liqueur could give you a great buzz! You have to try this! It comes as a small portion. Drink one then start the second, You will feel this little drink👌🏽


If you are an “occasional drinker” be careful these drinks can get you drunk pretty quick. If you “drink often” you may ask for multiple drinks and not realize your getting intoxicated 😵 Be safe and Enjoy these Delightful Drinks😋

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