8 Wine Drinking Hacks Oenophiles Will Love ...


8 Wine Drinking Hacks Oenophiles Will Love ...
8 Wine Drinking Hacks Oenophiles Will Love ...

If you love drinking wine, these genius wine drinking hacks are for you. These eight tips and tricks will help you when you accidentally break off bits of the cork into the bottle or to make a cheap bottle of wine taste delicious with one extra ingredient.

Before you pour your next glass of wine, take a look at these pointers that could save you time and money, as well as totally upping your drinking game.

Any wine lover is going to go crazy for these wine drinking hacks.

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Open a Bottle with a Key when You Don’t Have a Corkscrew

red wine, stemware, wine glass, glass, tableware, You just purchased a bottle of wine, but you have no corkscrew to open it! I don’t know about you, but I wish I knew about this wine hack earlier because I’ve definitely been in this situation before.

Insert a key into the wine cork at an angle and turn it clockwise around the entire bottle, use a towel or an oven mitt to pull the cork out.


Use a Coffee Filter to Avoid Getting Cork in Your Wine

arm, technology, product, fun, Whoops, you’ve just broken your wine cork off and pieces are swimming around in your bottle of vino.

Instead of trying to pick them all out with your fingers or opening a new bottle, go get a coffee filter and put it around the top of the glass for a cork-free pour!


Make Your Unfinished Bottles Last Longer in the Fridge

drink, alcohol, drinking, If you don’t finish an entire bottle of wine in a single sitting, you may feel like it is going to waste or doesn’t taste as good after a few days. If you store wine sideways in the refrigerator, you can prevent premature oxidation, which will keep it tasting good for longer.


Make Wine Ice Cubes or Freeze Grapes to Keep Wine Chilled

eyewear, human hair color, blond, glasses, product, There is nothing worse than drinking a watered-down glass of wine. If you like keeping your wine chilled, but can never seem to be able to drink your glass before the ice melts, try making some wine ice cubes. It is so easy!

Pour your wine into some ice trays before drinking and let them freeze for about 48 hours. You can also try freezing some green or red grapes to put in your glass to keep your wine cold.


Use a Cold, Wet Paper Towel to Chill Your Wine Quickly

human hair color, blond, girl, brown hair, long hair, Speaking of chilled wine, if you did not have time to prepare and make some wine ice cubes and just got a bottle that you’d love to drink ASAP, but it's at room temperature, try wrapping the bottle in some cold, wet paper towels.

Stick the bottle in the freezer with the paper towels for about 20 minutes and you will be good to go.


Make Wine Cold in 10 Minutes with Water, Ice, and Salt

girl, phenomenon, human, interaction, screenshot, If you are really in a hurry to get your drink on, here is an even quicker trick: chill warm wine in just ten minutes with water, ice, and salt.

The salt will melt the ice and reduce the freezing point of the water. Put your bottle of wine in and add some more ice to cover the top. There’s a little science for ya!


Make Cheap Wine Taste Good with Berries

human hair color, girl, black hair, brown hair, long hair, There is nothing wrong with drinking a cheap bottle of wine, but if you want to make it taste a little better and look pretty too, try adding some berries to your glass.

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries will all add some great flavors to your drink and will make you forget the bottle only cost $8.


Get Wine Stains out with Salt and Warm Water

food, drink, senior citizen, product, When you’ve had too much to drink and some ends up on your white blouse or your girlfriend’s beige couch, don’t panic, you can get the stain out. Start by blotting up the wine stain with a dry paper towel and then pour salt over the stain and let it sit for an hour.

Afterwards, dab the stain with hot water and a towel and the stain will disappear!

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