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The 9 Best Foods to Eat for People Who Want a Real Body Detox ...

By Neecey

You don’t have to “do a detox” to benefit your system and flush out some of those nasty things that gather when you aren’t eating clean 100% of the time (which most of us do not). There are foods that are naturally detoxifying so if you include them in your regular diet, there is no need to go on any sort of plan that not only detoxes but deprives. These foods will help with flushing out toxins, naturally.

Table of contents:

  1. Artichokes
  2. Watercress
  3. Green tea
  4. Beets
  5. Cabbage
  6. Fresh fruit
  7. Dark leafy greens
  8. Ginger and garlic
  9. Lemon water

1 Artichokes

Numerous studies have confirmed that artichokes are among the best foods to detox. They promote healthy gallbladder and liver function and are loaded with cynarine, which prevents indigestion by increasing bile production and stimulating healthy digestion. They offer other health benefits as well because they are rich in fiber, and nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, and folic acid. Enjoy them with water, not oil if you're a bit calorie conscious – this way, they will only boast 25 calories each.

2 Watercress

Throw some peppery watercress into your salads, sandwiches, or soups, and take advantage of its vital detoxifying nutrients, including zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and potassium. Not only does it protect your cells from free radicals, it also helps energize cleansing enzymes in your liver. Thanks to its natural diuretic properties, it flushes toxins out of your body. The best thing is that it doesn't hurt your weight loss goals either, as it contains 4 calories per cup.

3 Green Tea

Drinking plenty of liquids is essential for the success of any diet, and green tea is a perfect choice. It contains a flavonoid called catechin that boost your liver function and encourages the production of detoxification enzymes. The antioxidants in green tea also help prevent conditions such as genital warts, liver disease, digestive issues, bacterial infections, and a variety of cancers.

4 Beets

The fiber in beets makes them one of the best detox foods. Fiber promotes the production of antioxidant enzymes in the liver, which in turn help the liver and gallbladder eliminate bile out of your body. Beets contain a compound called betaine that helps your liver process fats, protects against liver damage, and lowers the levels of inflammatory markers. Packed with vitamin C, iron, and magnesium, they help detoxify your body and work great for your hair, skin, and cholesterol levels. Moreover, they are quite low in calories with 40 calories in a half-cup serving.

5 Cabbage

Known for its liver-cleaning properties, cabbage can be a perfect treat for your palate and your liver. This simple yet effective detox food has sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates that are then converted into isothiocyanates that prevent cancer by eliminating potential carcinogens. It's also loaded with vitamin C and vitamin K and only contains 22 calories per cup.

6 Fresh Fruit

A healthy diet is incomplete without lots of fruits. Fresh fruits are always full of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and other healthy nutrients. Fruits contain vitamin C and loads of fiber that help improve your digestive system and flush toxins out of your body.

7 Dark Leafy Greens

Leafy green veggies are beneficial for your body and can be eaten in different ways. You can eat them raw, add them to juices, throw them into a broth, and even sauté them with some olive oil. These vegetables improve chlorophyll levels in your digestive tract, which helps your body eliminate environmental toxins such as herbicides and smog.

8 Ginger and Garlic

Both ginger and garlic help your body fight free radicals. Ginger is great for your digestive system – it beats bloating, improves digestion, and reduces gas. Garlic detoxifies your body and offers several heart health benefits as well. It contains allicin, a chemical that promotes the production of white blood cells and helps get rid of toxins. They're also pretty good together as a flavor base in many dishes.

9 Lemon Water

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which helps your body detox and burn fat. They've now become a staple of most detox diets because of several nutrients that help your body fight disease-causing free radicals. Add some lemon juice to water and drink it every morning to help restore your body's pH balance and improve your immune system.

As you can see, these detox foods are easy to include in your regular meals so there’s no need to go on any weird plan that medical science are saying generally isn’t good for us. Eating cleaner and healthier is usually the plain and simple answer to a good, healthy diet.

Do you do a specific detox or do you prefer to eat a healthy diet all the time?

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