7 Unbelievably Light and Scrumptiously Healthy Types of Cheese ...


7 Unbelievably Light and Scrumptiously Healthy Types of Cheese ...
7 Unbelievably Light and Scrumptiously Healthy Types of Cheese ...

Types of Cheese are delicious but many people avoid them due to high fat content. If you love yourself some cheesy goodness, don't let concerns about calories and things keep you from enjoying your vice. There are tons of light and healthy types of cheeses you can enjoy! You don't have to rely on cheddar, Swiss, and other cheeses with high calorie counts. Instead, check out all these scrumptiously healthy types of cheeses you can enjoy each day!

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If you've never tried fresh mozzarella, you don't know what you're missing. This is one of my favorite types of cheeses. Better still, there's only 71 calories in one ounce, not to mention plenty of calories. Put it in your pasta, your salad, or eat it with toasted bread and tomatoes. Mmm!


Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is a creamy, lovely option if you want a lighter cheese. The taste varies, so you almost always get a subtle new flavor. It's incredibly tangy as well, and can be used in sweet as well as savory dishes. Use it as a spread on your sandwich for something really decadent! Forget about the whole mayo vs. Miracle Whip argument and go with goat cheese instead.



If you like types of cheese like Brie, them you'll adore Camembert. It's similar to Brie but at 85 calories per ounce, it's not as heavy. It's delicious with crackers, fruit, bread, you name it!



When I was little, I always called Parmesan “foot cheese” because it kind of stinks. Aroma aside, you can have two tablespoons of this cheese and they only pack in about 40 calories. Try it on salads and pasta dishes as well as a variety of other foods for a delicious, healthy zing.


Neufchatel Cheese

At only 70 calories an ounce, Neufchatel cheese is just incredible. It's not as fattening cream cheese but it's twice as delicious. Try it as a substitute on bagels or in cream cheese! It's one of the creamiest, dreamiest types of cheese you'll find.

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Feta's another lighter, healthier option if you love cheese. It's incredibly tangy and tastes fantastic in salads, on pizzas, or with certain fruits, like pears. You can eat an ounce and only get 75 calories, so it's significantly less than 100+ calorie servings of cheddar.


Cottage Cheese

Although it's maybe not a classic cheese, exactly, cottage cheese is still one of the healthiest types of cheese you can eat. A single ounce only has 20 calories. This can mix with fruits and vegetables, you can eat it in salads or by itself, and it can even be a delicious component in lasagna. Because the taste is so plain, it's easy to give it extra flavor.

There are so many delicious types of cheeses that present healthier options. You won't have to worry about high fat content or tons of calories any longer. Try out different types of cheeses to see what you like best. Start substituting them for the higher calorie counts. What are some of your favorite types of cheeses?

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