7 Unusual Foods from around the World to Try on Your Travels ...


There are many unusual foods from around the world to try on your travels. I love food and I love travel and tasting the local food can really add to your whole experience of the culture, which is why I always make it my mission to try the local dishes wherever I am. Obviously one person's 'unusual' dish is another person's ordinary feast but some dishes can be eyebrow raising to people who aren't accustomed to these unconventional culinary practices. Here are some unusual foods from around the world to try on your next globe-trotting adventure.

1. Tong Zi Dan

Tong Zi Dan

A delicacy and local tradition in the city of Dongyang in China is boiled eggs. Nothing unusual about that right? Well, Tong zi dan, which translates as 'boy egg,' is made by boiling eggs in the urine of prepubescent boys which has been collected from the local elementary school. The shells are then cracked, which allows the eggs to become infused by the urine, and they are then boiled and soaked anew in the waste matter. They are reported to be delicious but you can't argue with the fact that it is a rather unconventional preparation technique. This is one of the more unusual foods from around the world.

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