Up for a Gastronomic Adventure? Try These 7 Filipino Street Foods ...


There’s more to the Philippines than beaches and coconut trees – and by more, I mean, Filipino street food. Filipino street food is definitely in the list of things to try when you're up for a gastronomic adventure. Filipino cuisine is considered one of the “hottest food trends predicted for 2015” so don’t let this year end without trying some. Here are seven of my most favorite Filipino street foods:

1. Kwek-kwek


If you see orange balls in a food cart sold in the streets of Manila, then, you have met your new best friend: kwek-kwek. These are hard-boiled quail eggs dipped in orange batter and then deep fried. Best to eat kwek-kwek with sweet/spicy/sour sauce that your friendly vendor hands to you soon after he/she gives you your order on a stick or in a small paper container. Other variations are called ‘tokneneng’, which uses chicken or duck eggs.

Tempura and Fish Balls
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