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5 Vegan Pasta Recipes That Are Delicious ...

By Sujatha

Are you a vegan or are you looking for dinner recipes that are vegan? Here is a simple, tested and tried collection of vegan pasta recipes.

All of us enjoy creamy cheesy pasta dishes, for sure. And most of us assume that vegan pasta is not cheesy and creamy enough. But, surprise! These three pastas are creamy and rich.

One of my friends cannot even imagine how the cheesy texture can be achieved by vegetables. These three recipes will prove that vegan recipes are still tasty and delicious.

And I'm sure that these vegan pasta recipes will have you agreeing.

1 Skinny Cream of Mushroom Pasta

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2 Spinach Pasta with Coconut Milk Alfredo Sauce

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3 Creamy Avocado Pasta

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4 Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

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5 Mediterranean Style Pasta with Chickpea and Olives

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The key to success with this pasta is that it does not compromise on the taste level or its healthy facts. These recipes are the perfect balance between deliciousness and healthiness. They are great to serve for family dinners or parties.

Making this is so much easier than ever before. If all the ingredients are ready, you can make it less than 10 minutes. And so many variations are available to make it different every time. And your family members will not get bored with the same recipe even if you make it often.

These vegan pasta recipes require minimal ingredients. Most of them are available in your nearby grocery store. And of course, some you might have in your pantry already.

Use multigrain or whole wheat pasta to make it even healthier.

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