Vegetables That Make Amazing Baking Swaps ...


Vegetables That Make Amazing Baking Swaps ...
Vegetables That Make Amazing Baking Swaps ...

Did you know there are several vegetables to use as baking swaps? When you think of vegetables, the first images that most probably come into your mind are things like roast dinners, smoothies, and delicious salads. For generations people have been substituting certain baking ingredients for vegetables in order to make their final creations healthier, so why not give it a go yourself? Here are some vegetables to use as baking swaps.

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Mashed avocado is a perfect source of monounsaturated fats, so you can add it to baked goods in place of shortening or oil.



Finely grated, fresh beets add colour and sweetness to baked goods and can be perfectly incorporated into things like brownies and chocolate sponge cake. It’s a perfect substitute because its deep colour removes the need to add artificial dyes into food.


Kabocha Squash

This is a Japanese staple, and when it is pureed it can be incorporated into sponge cake or muffins to provide sweetness and moisture. It is also a big source of vitamin A, so you are getting great flavour and great body benefits!



Pumpkin is the perfect vegetable for flavour, colour, sweetness and moisture. You can add it to pretty much anything, including smoothies, muffins and cakes.


Sweet Potato

If you steam and puree sweet potato, it becomes something that goes wonderfully in lots of baked goods, bringing natural sweetness and great colour to things like pies, cookies, cakes and bread.



When zucchini is finely grated, it can be added to bread, cakes, and cookies to help maintain moisture and give a great source of vitamin C. It helps that it tastes great too!

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